Change the Look of Your Home Security with These Upgrades

Are you considering upgrading the security of your home or changing how your locks look?

change your door locks

All door hardware is an extensions of the personalities of their owners and the home itself, so choosing the correct and best locks is a good way of giving your living space a new feel and upgrade your security status. You may not be aware of it, but installing a smart front entry can enhance the value of your home greatly – by up to 10 percent.

Having a well thought out plan is an intense venture, so you need to plan ahead when you want to upgrade your lock handles as home security reviews will inform you. In addition, choosing the best locks for your home is a process that you need to think through and consider carefully, so here are some factors you need to consider.

The Style of the Locking System

The Style of the Locking System

The best way of designing a door handle is approaching it from an interior design point of view. This requires you to think about the overall themes that are present in your living space, as well as the building itself.

For instance, if you have decided to go for a traditional feel, then it is best to avoid angular handles (they have more of a modern, contemporary feel), while if your home is full of modern aesthetics, avoiding straight chrome door handles is best as they will not fit in thematically.

The floor designs of your home also play a role in the style you choose, as some people will want contrasting colors and others would like similar designs.

Your Front Entrance

Not all locks are created equal. For instance, when you want better security for your home, it is better to go for mortice locks instead of tubular latches, since they offer better security. Tubular systems are very common in both business and residential buildings, and they are the more traditional system as well.

Many burglaries that occur are due to the strike plate of the door being hit by a heavy object or being kicked in. this will give the thieves access to your home and allow them to commit the crime. When they weaken the locks, or decide to smash through the door, tubular latches allow this incident to occur more often than Mortice locks due to their structural weaknesses.

Mortice locks are also better off since they come with a euro cylinder. This makes them have up to 2,000 combinations – meaning that any thief who wants to access your home has to carry a set of up to 2,000 keys to open the lock, and that means they waste more time trying to break in.

What type of handle is the lock?

What type of handle is the lock?

This can come in two forms – knobs or levers. The choice you make will depend on the style you want, as well as the uses of every door in your home. Lever doors are generally easier to open, although some people prefer door knobs.

The functions of the door itself

This is a very important factor to consider. For example, when choosing locks for closet or hallway doors, you want to put in a non-locking lever, passage knob door. When considering a bathroom or bedroom door, you will want a locking, privacy lever or knob lock (ones that have separate lock functions). Decorative doors do not need much – just a dummy lever or knob will do, and in the case of a door for higher security (such as your main door), you will require a keyed lever or knob.

When choosing a lock system for each, it is good to count the number of doors in your home, and then determine each function to get the correct hardware.

The type of door

the type of door

Similar to locking systems, not all doors are created equal. Some have construction of very thick hardwood that is difficult to open with a regular lock, and you may need to extra hardware that will take care of these doors.

In some cases, a keyless deadbolt can help in adding some security, such as the Stealth – instead of drilling a second hole for deadbolts, as this ruins the door itself. That will also allow you to save some funds and not purchase a set of keys.

The types of material and the environment you live in

The best thing when choosing a locking system or even the doors themselves is spending time doing your research. Do not just put doors and door locks for the sake of putting them anywhere. The locks that have shades of bronze or brass will look good in a home filled with warm colors, while porcelain, chrome or stainless steel looks best with cool tones.

For areas near the tropics or ocean, you will need materials that can withstand salt and humidity, so stainless steel (for exterior doors) or satin chrome (for interiors) is best for this case.  If you are wondering what kind of lock to use, interior designers are willing to help you out.


It is important to be careful when selecting your hardware – not every handle and lock is good for your home. Some hardware comes with limited warranties, and it is best to avoid these – choose hardware that has the best offers in the security industry.

The budget

the budget

You need to budget your money early enough. Upgrading locking systems and installing them is expensive, and you also need to consider the lifespan of the handles you are installing.

Make sure the door handles are not cheap. You may think you are saving money, but these handles will be used very many times in a year – so you need to consider long-lasting ones, even if they are costly. Remember, this is the security of your home – you do not want to install something that rarely gives you peace of mind because of how flimsy it is.

Final thoughts

Ensuring the security of your home begins with the locking system, otherwise you are at risk of experiencing burglaries and theft. It is important to choose the right handle, not only for the prestige of your home, but also for security reasons.

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