Chef Ramsey Tells It Like It Is

GordonramsayI am addicted to Gordon Ramsey. Not only do I love the accent, but I adore how he just yells at everyone and says exactly what’s on his mind when you screw something up. Apart from the accent, reminds me of hubby at times ha ha ha! I am a huge fan of Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Hotel Hell – you name it – if Gordon Ramsey is in it, I’m watching.

I adore some of the memes that I see floating around with quotes from his television shows. My friends know this as well and share them with me when they come across them. Here are a few of my favorites that I had to share!

your chicken is so rubbery

you used so much thyme

you used so much oil

why did the chicken cross the road

this lamb is so undercooked

this duck is so raw

this crab is so undercooked

this beef is so undercooked

the pork is so raw

the beef is so undercooked

Hope you enjoyed your giggle for the day! Have a great one my fellow Ramsey fans!

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