Choosing a Modern Looking Fireplace

If you’re looking for a great way to update your home you may wish to consider a modern looking fireplace. No longer does a fireplace have to take up the entire wall of your home and be made of brick. No longer does your fireplace have to be wood burning.  Today’s modern fireplaces offer you may great options and choices at affordable prices. Plus they don’t have to be wood burning; they can run on propane, natural gas or other sources to work.

Choosing a Modern Looking Fireplace

There are a variety of modern fireplaces to choose from. You’ll enjoy looking over the various options and choosing the one that works best for your needs and for your home. These affordable options offer you many great benefits in your home and most can work well in any room of the house.


These models are actually on the floor just as the name suggests. They can be open as in an open-pit or they can be enclosed. Some have an actual flame and others use an optical illusion method to make it seem as if there is a flame.


There are many wall mounted versions of modern looking fireplace. You can select from modern materials that give off both heat and have a flame or you can select those that only give off heat and have an image of a flame that appears to be flickering. Both work well and will enhance the look of your living or dining area giving it an ambiance that is unsurpassed.


These models are just as the name states, freestanding. They can be open or enclosed and will give off heat while appearing to have a flame that flickers. Ideal for areas where there may be children or pets to worry about becoming injured these offer the best of both worlds for a busy family.


A smaller sized version of the freestanding or floor styled fireplaces, these sit upon a coffee table or occasional table area. They add an ambiance to any room and will give off some heat as well as offer some visual appeal to the home.


There are a variety of accessories available from rocks to pieces that seem to be wood that will enhance the look of many of the above mentioned models of modern fireplaces. They can enhance the look and add an aesthetic appeal to any of the models and will allow the user to customize their choice to suit their taste and personality.

The modern fireplaces of today are nothing like the fireplaces that grandma had in her home. Today’s versions offer up plenty of heat as well as visual appeal without wasting money. They can enhance a home and give it an aesthetic look that can be romantic as well as practical. Many are opting for such versions of fireplaces to live greener and still enjoy the appeal of a fireplace. They’re inexpensive and a great way to add some character to your home.

What type of fireplace do you have in your home? Share with us in the comments below!

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