Choosing a Christmas Party Venue and Organizing a Successful Christmas Party

I know you’re looking at the title of this blog post and thinking, “Has she lost her ever-loving mind? Christmas is 5 months away!” If you are the individual responsible for planning the annual Christmas party for your company; however, you also know that by the beginning of November, every available prime place in your city is booked for the holidays. So Life in a House of Testosterone is stepping up and bringing you this article from our friend, Julia Kirk, to help you be the best damn party planner of the year for your company by giving you some tips on planning that party that will have all your fellow minions raving about your skills in securing the most sought after spot in town.

choosing a christmas party venue

Whenever choosing a Christmas party venue and planning that party, the main thing you have to consider is creating a really relaxing environment that allows guests to join the festivities and have fun. You need to choose the correct colors and theme and it is always a great addition to add snow, anything related to Christmas and cookies that are freshly baked.

Decorations will increase your senses of taste and smell and will make people feel like being in the middle of family. This is something that you surely want to be faced with. Festivities during the holidays are always great but only if you take the necessary time to plan them properly and to choose a suitable venue.

Choosing Christmas Party Venue

The best party venue for your Christmas party will most likely not be the best one for another person. It is important that you properly assess how many guests you will have and you need to consider where they come from. No matter where the guests live, make sure that the area is secure and that transportation is available.

Keep in mind that choosing an appropriately sized Christmas party venue will have a huge impact on the mood. If the space is too small, people will not feel great as they will be crowded. If the area is too large, you will end up with the unwanted situation in which people end up feeling bad as it seems as if not many people showed up.

Make sure that you discuss the decorations that you want to have for your Christmas party with a representative of the venue before you hire. That can help you a lot since some of the venues do not allow different additions. Choose something that will allow you to use the exact Christmas party theme that you have in mind so that everything will be a success.

Planning The Party

You need to successfully plan everything in order for the Christmas party to be successful. After you use sites like to find a great party venue, you need to send out invitations at least 3 weeks before party date. That will highlight how many people will commit and will actually attend. The invitation you send out has to include place, time and date while also enumerating food options.

If you want to save some money, you can cook part of the food and store them appropriately, as long as that is possible. It is a good idea to never try a new recipe for a party. It is better to stick to what you know you do right.

Make sure that you will properly place everything so that guest flow is proper. For instance, a bar is best put near water and ice. The plates with finger foods or buffets should be in the entertainment region. Be sure that you have enough chairs so that all the guests can sit at the same time. Trash cans have to be placed in the eating area but should be inconspicuous.

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