Choosing the Perfect Configuration of a Junior Drum Set for Your Kid

Getting Your Kid a Junior Drum Set

If you are purchasing your kid’s first Junior Drum set, you have basically found out that a junior drum set is a perfect choice. The Junior Drum sets as well as other starter packs available on the market give parents the chance to buy their kids a quality item with a very affordable price as compared to a full pack. This will also give your kids a sufficient amount of time to make sure that they really like drumming before you shell out significant amount of money in buying lucrative drum kits. This is also an excellent technique for newbies.

But as soon as you settle on a junior drum kit, there are still several considerations to abide, like the configuration and size of the kit. When looking for a starter junior drum kit, you will simply find two considerations: the 3-piece and the 5-piece junior drum sets. Both are famous and child appropriate. But the bottom line is, how will you select?

kid drum setInitially, let us talk about its difference. A 3-piece junior drum kit refers to the main element: snare, base drum, and single mounted tom-tom. On the other hand, a 5-piece junior drum kit comprises an additional second mounted tom-tom and a floor tom-tom.

Whatever the configuration is, it will be applicable to your kid.  A lot of seasoned drummers play on full sized sets which possess the similar components as the 3 or 5-piece drum kits. And as soon as you transition into a full size kits, there are a lot more varieties and drummers has the tendency to customize their kits by incorporating particular components to their taste.

The most significant benefit of a 3-piece junior drum kit for your kid is that it is simpler and smaller to play; thus, easier to learn. Fewer components means less number of cadence to practice and the level of comport are immediately acquired. Further, these 3-piece sets are cheaper as compared to 5-piece sets.

boy on drumsOn the other hand, the benefit of a 5-piece set is that it possesses similar configuration and set-up with majority of full kits. It is the closest to standard in terms of design and set-up. So it simply means that your kid will be mastering on something that resembles an actual drum kit. This type of Junior Drum kit should likely not grow out of immediately. The only downside is that it will surely cost more, and will eat up space in your home. But it will be a lot advance to adapt on.

Selecting between a 3-piece and a 5-piece junior drum kit should not be a complex decision when buying. Both are excellent choices and will be worth it for your kid. Most seasoned experts will recommend letting your kid select what they truly want. At the end of the day, they will be the ones to use it and not us.

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