Guilty By Association? 6 Things To Look For When Choosing Your Friends

You may not be able to choose your family, but you can certainly choose your friends. However, if you don’t choose wisely, you could end up with friends that aren’t beneficial to you or your life. Just because someone is fun and entertaining doesn’t make them a good friend. There are six important qualities you should look for.

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A good friend is an honest friend. An honest is friend is not one that’s going to end up on the wrong path in life or need you to defend criminal charges when they’re filed against them. Honest friends don’t require this type of friendship from you, and they’ll never lie to you and jeopardize your friendship. 

No Fair Weather Friends

A fair weather friend is not a good one. The last thing you want is a friend who will only be there for you when things are interesting. If you’re going through a tough time and your friends aren’t there for you, chances are you aren’t really a priority for your friend. 

Give and Take 

Friendship is about give and take. Sometimes you’ll be on either side of this situation. You’ll give your support and love and other times they’ll give their support and love. You’ll both always take that friendship and those meaningful moments from one another. 

Friends Who Are There 

The most important quality in any friend is a friend who is there for you. She’ll be there for you by your side through everything. She’ll be there for the good moments such as giving birth and saying your vows and she’ll be there for the bad ones, such as saying goodbye to a loved one or even to defend your criminal case in San Marcos if you get a little crazy on Spring Break. 

Mutual Enjoyment 

A good friend doesn’t have to be just like you, but you should have things in common. It makes your lives more interesting if you both enjoy some of the same activities or at least trying new things together. 


Above all else a great friend is one with whom you can laugh and seek enjoyment and pleasure. This is a friend with whom you will always find happiness. The feeling should be mutual.

A good friend is hard to find, which is why you should choose yours carefully. Additionally, you should also attempt to be the same kind of great friend that you’re looking for. A truly great friend is only going to be yours if you are one in return.

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