Christmas at Kohl’s

christmas at kohl's

I love this time of year. Some people may think I’m crazy, but I would love to be able to bottle the holiday spirit and pass it out when people start getting snippy with each other. I mean come on – wouldn’t it be just amazing to have that warm and fuzzy feel-good holiday spirit happening all year long? Can you just picture how much kinder, nicer the world would be?

There is a downside to the holidays – all the ads and commercials and flyers in the newspaper and mail. Sometimes it all just seems a little overwhelming with the buy, buy, buy bombardments for pretty much three straight months on a daily basis.

You know what though? Kohl’s has quietly been changing the way that they advertise for the holidays over the past several years though. They are focusing more on the message of giving … Give Joy Get Joy, Give a Little More, Show Kindness … you get the idea. This has to be one of my favorite commercials:

With that being said; however, it’s always fun to spoil yourself a little as well when you are out holiday shopping and in order to do that without feeling guilty – you need to prepare for your Black Friday shopping trip after you read The Life in a House Manual to Surviving the Holidays.

Something I absolutely cannot stress enough is making sure you have the right tools at your fingertips to help you save during the holidays. With all the holiday circulars flying about, it can get overwhelming. You need at least one or two good apps on your phone or your computer that can alert you when something you really want goes on sale at Kohl’s or another department store that you frequent.

I have my eye on some new kitchen appliances this year. The Hamilton Beach products are under $7 each* during the doorbuster sales and the Toastmaster products are under $3 each* during the doorbuster sales. (*price mentioned is with mail-in rebate deduction)

I’ve also mentioned to my husband that the beautiful Pandora-like bracelet he bought me for my birthday at Kohl’s a few years ago is in need of some new beads to give it some more bling. Beads such as the “grandma” one (unless I can find one that says “nana” instead! Then there is the must-have snowflake, Christmas tree, present, diamond spacer beads, the snowflake, candy cane and bell bead, the Christmas wreath. The one item that I truly want to represent my mother and father is the diamond Italian horn bead, but it is out of stock at the moment. Bummer. I spent about $180 after all the discounts and deals were applied. 😉

I actually went and picked out the ones that I wanted so that he would have no excuse as to why he didn’t get me something I wanted this year!

I have seriously been wanting – no, needing – a robotic vacuum that will just meander its way across all these hardwood floors each day and take care of getting up Molly’s pet hair and all the little bits and bobs that the rest of us drag into the house on our shoes. I am not a fan of having to sweep the floors every day because of my arthritis – so this is a definite must-have gift for mom this year!

Oh, and did I mention the diamond jewelry that Kohl’s has available during their doorbuster and holiday sales? There are some gorgeous diamond earrings that I would love to see Santa drop into my stocking this year.

So when you make your plan of attack to grab the best doorbuster prices on the items that you want – don’t overlook Kohl’s 64-page circular. Not only will you find some great deals, but you get Kohl’s cash to spend in return!

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  1. I love shopping at kohl’s. No matter how much or how little you spend you’re rewarded with coupons and cash.

  2. I love Kohls, they always have the best stuff and really good deals. Thank you so much for sharing! This is definitely a great place to shop for Christmas gifts.

  3. I love shopping at Kohl’s. We just shopped there this morning and got a lot of great deals. Thank you for sharing

  4. My whole family loves Kohl’s. They have something for everyone and usually at awesome prices!

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