Christmas For The Thrill Seeker In The Family

Choosing Christmas gifts is one of the most stressful things to do each year. Not only do you have the weight of the world on your shoulders ensuring the decorations are perfect, the food is bought, and the guests have been invited, you’ve now got to get yourself into the line of fire at the stores so that you can pick the perfect gifts for the family.

We all know that children can be fussy when it comes to Christmas gifts. It’s not their fault; Christmas advertising means we have gifts shoved in our faces and the choices are overwhelming. Whether you’ve got a lover of all things pink, or you have an obsessive gamer in the house, there’s always something to find. But what do you do for the thrill seeker in the family? My eldest son has turned into this – wanting experience gifts to do things that put my heart in my throat. The gift choices are often limited for those who aren’t big on the usual Christmas staples, but check out our gift ideas below and see whether 2017 can be your most successful Christmas yet.

Vehicle Gifts - Christmas For The Thrill Seeker In The Family
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Vehicle Gifts

Scooters, skateboards and dirt bikes made for children are often a popular item in the bike stores this time of year. There are stunt scooters like these ones that are on the shelves and if you really want to go one better, try out the electric version like the ones you can find here. Skateboards are a definite favorite among teens, and you can customize a skateboard with stickers from your nearby skate shop.

Air Experience Gifts - Christmas for the Thrill Seeker in Your Family
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Air Experience Gifts

Definitely an option for the teenager in the family if they’re looking for a proper thrill. Anything from wing walking, skydiving, and flying lessons are the perfect idea. Most of these are bucket list experiences, and providing those are providing memories and not just gifts!

Survival Experiences - Christmas For The Thrill Seeker In The Family
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Survival Experience

If you have a zombie-lover in the house, then a zombie run like this gift experience is going to go down a treat. The adrenaline rush of the escape and the unknown is a thrill seeker’s dream.

Driving Experiences - Christmas For The Thrill Seeker In The Family
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Driving Experience

Have you got an older teenage boy of driving age? Even if they don’t have that typical boy’s obsession with cars, they’ll still appreciate the chance to drive at speed around a track. There’s nothing better than hopping in a Ferrari or Lamborghini and getting that rush.

Theme Park Vouchers - Christmas for the Thrill Seeker in Your Family
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Theme Park Vouchers

One of the best things to give as a gift is a memory and you can give your teenager the chance to spend a whole day in the best theme park nearby with their friends. A day of enjoyment and freedom from parents is the best way to spend time and getting it as a gift can be everything when they have no idea what they want.

Christmas is only going to be as difficult as you make it and as long as you have an idea of what your kids want, you can power through and make this Christmas one of the best ones you’ve ever had. Hang the tinsel and light the candles: Christmas is coming!

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