Christmas Gift Ideas for the Boys In Your Life

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Boys In Your Life
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Regular readers will know that I’m surrounded by boys in my life! There’s my husband, and of course my two boys. As you can imagine, Christmas isn’t always the easiest time when it comes to keeping them all happy! But, if I get all the gifts right, I might get some peace and quiet over the holidays! I must say, buying gifts for the boys has always been an easy job. The usual suspects include games, films, and gadgets. Today, I’ve started looking at what’s out there, and I’ve already got a good shortlist. Here are some of my ideas.

For the Kids

Video games – Christmas is always a great time to bump up the video game collection. With an Xbox taking centre stage in the living room, they’ll be busy all Christmas. Best of all, there are always new games released this year. Though, I must admit, I do have to ask for their input on this one! So, I have a long list of new games. I also like to look for new accessories for them like controllers and headsets. There are a few virtual reality headsets popping up, are they worth the money?

Anything Star Wars related – The film isn’t even out yet, and the boys are obsessed! With the trailers making their way around the internet, all the boys (and the husband) is excited about the new film. All the shops are jumping on the bandwagon with light sabers, gadgets, and toys from the films. It’s easy pickings this year, folks.

Hoverboard – Yeah right! This is just a fun one that I came across earlier. Have a look for yourself at I might not be able to afford a real hoverboard, but there are always plenty of gadgets on offer. I usually fill the stockings with a few fun electronics. I had to tell Tre that we would work on the hoverboard for his birthday in March.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Boys In Your Life
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For the Husband

Experiences – When you’ve been married for a long time, you start to run out of real presents to buy! Luckily, I’ve come across lots of ‘experience’ gifts on , which the man in your life will love. You can buy a day in a sports car for example. Or, if your husband is an adrenaline junkie, buy him a bungee jumping experience. Rather him than me.

Wine or whiskey decanter – If you follow my blog regularly, you know we like a glass of wine or two! We love any gifts and presents related to it, and this year is no different. I’ve been looking at a new wine or whiskey decanter this morning. You can’t go wrong with either one!

GoPro – This little action camera is an amazing way to capture footage on the go. It’ll be perfect for our holidays next year, and the boys can all play with it. Anything that gets them out of the house and out from under my feet will work like a charm!

I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to gifts this Christmas. The old classics never fail, and a few new gadgets will keep them busy for hours. What are you getting your family for Christmas this year? I promise I won’t tell them, but I might borrow an idea or two!

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  1. Oh I had forgotten about some of the other spy gear stuff that they were looking at earlier in the year. I moved my gift list from my planner to my Wunderlist – so now when we are out and about throughout the year and they mention that they like something or would like to have something, I can just open up the app and add it to their list lol!

  2. Our boys 7, 3, & 2 are getting spy gadgets, superheros, an indoor basketball hoop, coloring pages of their favorite shows that I printed from the internet, books, and movies.

  3. Thanks for the Christmas ideas. Unfortunately the little munchkin I need ideas for is 3 and not interested in any of these things but I'll know what to do in the future. =)

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