A Christmas Gift for Mom

My boys drive me crazy on a daily basis. They know that they drive me crazy. They also know that I love the hell out of them and would do anything in the world that I could for them. They also know that a Christmas gift that comes from the heart, that is hand-made, and that they put their time and energy into means more to me than gold.

My youngest, the 10 year old, came home from school the other day with presents that he purchased for the family at the Holiday Shop. Yes, they are cheap little gifts – but it is the thought that counts. I was given a (suprisingly) beautiful little gold ring with an emerald stone in the center, along with some totally cool peace sign earrings that are neon yellow and you can see a mile away! I absolutely LOVE THEM.

The best gift of all though? This letter that he took the time to sit down and write for me.

Tre Christmas 2013 Letter to Mom and Dad

Does that or does that not just melt your heart? I love you too buddy, and I’m working feverishly to get you that awesome skateboard for Christmas.


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