Christmas Gifts For All The Family

It’s that time of year again when you have to put your thinking cap on. What on Earth are you going to buy your nearest and dearest this Christmas? You could opt to play it safe with a voucher or some cash but this is boring and shows a distinct lack of thought. Alternatively, you could go for something a little more exciting. You need some help with your gift-giving. It’s challenging to think of an array of presents that will raise a genuine smile come Christmas morning. Kids are fairly easy – find out what the top toys for Christmas are to help with your gift-giving.

Read on to discover a whole host of gift ideas for the rest of the family that might be a little harder to please!

For the Adrenaline Junkie

If you have an adrenaline junkie in the family, the chances are chocolates or some bog-standard stocking fillers just aren’t going to cut it. Instead, you need to think of something outside the box that will give them their thrills. Consider an experiential gift rather than one that they can open. You could purchase a bungee jump, a skydive or a glacier hike. Or having the chance to learn how to skipper your own boat may do it for your dad? Don’t think that you have to buy him a yacht and instead investigate a boat club that provides tuition and allows you to hire a top-notch vessel for a day.

These more exciting and hair raising feats are sure to come as a surprise and will make the recipient feel like you have really thought about the gift that you are giving. If you can splash out a little more, why not couple it with a city break. How about abseiling in Berlin or canopy walking in Tokyo? The possibilities to be imaginative really are endless and there are plenty of companies now catering for those people who want gifts that make memories rather than get stuck in a drawer never to see the light of day again.

For the Romantic

If you have a newbie couple in the family, something cutesy and romantic might do the trick. Perhaps some matching pajamas, his and her egg cups or pillows with their faces on might do the trick. Or maybe, you could purchase a couple’s chocolate truffle making class for them or a spa day. By going for a present that they have to share or open together you are recognizing the two individuals in your family as a couple. This can make them feel valued this Christmas.

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Whether the gadget of choice is a smartphone, the latest wireless earbuds or a console, you can purchase a whole host of gizmo related gadgets that can bring joy to the recipient’s face come the festive season. If online gaming is a passion of your brother, purchase a voucher that allows them to buy all sorts of weird and wonderful gaming paraphernalia from apps. Or perhaps an iTunes voucher would suffice. Or maybe a new tablet cover will go down a treat. Always think about the gadgets of choice and look for an accessory to match.

Buying presents can seemingly get tougher each year. However, follow this guide and you will find the perfect gift for every member of your family.

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  1. These are great ideas for gifts, thank you so much for sharing! An adventure is always something that my husband and I give each other.

  2. These are good potential ideas for a few family members who are hard to buy for. Nice ideas.

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