Click and Fly! 5 Tips on How to Plan a Quick Holiday

Click and Fly! 5 Tips on How to Plan a Quick Holiday
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Booking a holiday far in advance gives you time to pay for it, time to plan your activities and time to get excited! However, sometimes an opportunity comes up to take a vacation quickly and sometimes people just decide they can’t wait. This adventurous spirit can lead to a ‘click and fly’ approach. Then it’s all about finding a vacation, booking it ASAP and hopping on a plane as quickly as possible! Here are some ideas to think about.

All-inclusive or go with the flow?

You need to decide whether you want all-inclusive or if you are happy to go with the flow once you arrive. With little time to plan before you leave package holidays can take the stress out of organizing things. If you don’t like to be restricted, then booking flights and accommodation is more than adequate and you can decide what you want to do once you reach your destination.

Time for the formalities?

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There is no point in choosing a destination that needs various vaccinations that you don’t have time to get. Also if you don’t already have your passport sorted you are probably better off having a week away in your own country this time.

Be as flexible as possible

Being able to fly mid-week can reduce the price of a last-minute holiday as weekend flights tend to be more popular. You are generally more likely to find the best deals if your schedule is flexible.

Don’t just book anything

When you are planning a quick holiday it can be tempting to just click on the first option and go for it. This could be a huge mistake though. You could end up far away from anything fun to do, or you could book something in a place that you are advised not to visit. Either way would be a disaster so even though you are being spontaneous, make sure you check what you are booking.

Spend your journey planning what to do

Planning a quick holiday doesn’t mean you have to arrive unprepared. Whilst you may not have much planning time before you leave, you can plan what you want to do while you are traveling to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

‘Click and fly’ is a great way to book your next holiday. The excitement of booking and knowing you’re jetting off in the next few days is fantastic but when choosing where to go and what to do, keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to have a great experience.

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