Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

J.’s 6th grade class had a field trip scheduled to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia on Tuesday, November 29, 2011.  I was excited about the possibility to chaperone when I learned about the field trip – I have always been a lover of trips such as these where you can see how others lived during a different time period and learn about the conditions they lived under. 

To see how their homes were decorated (or not), learn how they had to do things that we seem to take for granted in this technological day and age that we live in.  That is one of the authentic touches that I love about Colonial Williamsburg – the individuals who work in one of the 88 original buildings not only dress in period clothing (yes ladies, right down to the stays and the hoops and the petticoats!!) but they also work in the same manner that the colonists did – they use the same tools, the same materials, the same lighting (by candle and by fireplace) and they also heat in the same manner – with a fireplace.

We had chartered bus service from Winn Transportation (a special thanks to our wonderful driver, who kept those of us at the front of the bus entertained down to Williamsburg and back home to Mechanicsville!).  Our first stop once we arrived was the Milliner & Tailor Shop. In the 18th century, milliners were almost always ladies and tailors were almost always men.  They designed the clothing and tailored it to give the wearer proper posture at all times. 

We visited a silversmith’s shop, a carpenter’s shop, a gunsmith’s shop, the Governor’s Palace and Gardens, and naturally no trip to Colonial Williamsburg is complete without a trip to the Market Square!  The shops were absolutely amazing and I definitely will be going back to visit more often!  This may have been my first trip, but it definitely will not be my last!  Even though it rained on and off during the entire trip, it still didn’t diminish our enjoyment of the trip.

Please take a moment to visit our photo album from the trip and view all the beauty that Colonial Williamsburg has to offer!  You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. We had a great time Roni! Thanks for commenting! Even in the rain – it was a joy to see how the colonists lived and worked – it was very enlightening!

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