Color and Life

Have you ever looked at something and made a snap judgment based solely upon the appearance of something?  Don’t lie.  We’ve all done it. To some, the world is simply seen in black and white.  To me, that’s a shame.  Take the following images for example.

Look at the images below.  First the color and then the black and white.  What feelings do each invoke in you?  Do you feel more or less with a particular image?

Photo-00563    Photo-00572

Photo-00583    Photo-00592

Photo-00614  Photo-00622

The color images remind me of fall – of rich colors, crisp air, pumpkins and hay bales and scarecrows.  Warm sweaters, snuggling with a good book, drinking a hot cup of coffee outside in the brisk air.  Warm and fuzzies as I call them.  The black and white images are harsh, reminding me of cold winter days, emptiness, unforgiving.  Yet they are the exact same images just viewed differently.

Some people go through life like these pictures.  There are those that are blessed to be able to see everything in vivid, rich colors that evoke emotions and feelings while still others only see life in black and white.  There are no warm and fuzzy moments for the black and white individuals. They constantly stay mired in the darkness and the cold, never quite able to reach out and touch the colors right in front of them.

I prefer to see the world in color.  I prefer to feel everything – no matter how painful or how enjoyable – because seeing in color allows me to be all that I am meant to be.  I cannot imagine living a life in black and white, with no shades of grey, just stark, unforgiving one way or the other and no in between.

Are you living in black and white?  Are you stuck in a place where there is no color in your life?  Change it.  Even for just one day – try.  Look at the beauty that Mother Earth has given to us – take a step outside your comfort zone and look at life from a different perspective.  Attempt to put yourselves in someone else’s shoes and live their life.  Do not judge based on what you SEE on the surface, but FEEL with your heart and soul for a change.

You’ll be surprised at how differently the world looks when you do.

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