Comfort Amidst The Cold: A Checklist on How to Weather the Bitter Cold

Ah, winter. It’s a magical time when snow begins to fall, covering the place in a blanket of cold and white. The children love it. The adults? Not so much. And rightly so, because we adults have the pleasure of worrying about every little detail so that our children can enjoy the season, carefree and happy.

And well, like every adult, there are things that we need to secure so that we can all have fun without the danger that the snowy season can bring. And one of the dangers that come with the winter season is the bitter cold. It is insidious as it may seem harmless up until you start getting frostbitten and your core temperature starts to plummet.

A Checklist to Weather the Bitter Cold

So, what are the things you need to do in order to keep your family safe and warm during the winter cold? Read on, friend.

Dress Appropriately

Dress Appropriately for Winter Weather

If this hasn’t sunk in yet, well, it should now. Your primary layer of protection against the cold will always be the clothes you have on. Wool, cotton, and fleece are your best friends during this season if you intend to go outside. Gloves, hats, scarves are also incredibly helpful outdoors.

Indoors, warm socks should do the trick as temperatures are coldest at floor level.

Shut Out The Cold

Interior Home Tips for Winter

Close your windows, use keyhole covers, and you may even use thermal linings for curtains in order to retain heat. Remember that the objective is to create a warm and comfortable home, which means that no cold should be seeping into your house. Any open pathway is not only an entrance for the cold, but also an exit for warmth.

Stay Active

Ways to Keep Active in Winter

It can be quite difficult to get your body moving when the cold seems to grip your joints so firmly. However, it’s vital that you move around once in a while in order to boost your circulation as well as to raise your body temperature. Do light exercise during the coldest days. And while yard work can work up a sweat, it’s still best to save that for spring.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol to Warm Up Your Body

Alcohol and Winter - Not When You're Going Outdoors

This is because while it’s true that you do feel warmer, it’s only because the alcohol causes your blood vessels to expand, thus drawing heat away from your vital organs. So, if you intend to spend your time indoors, it’s fine to drink alcohol. If you have any plans of heading outside, don’t. Just don’t.

As an alternative, it’s leagues better to simply eat hot food instead.

Check Your Heating Systems

Home Heating - Keep the Fire Burning

These are vital in creating a comfortable home during the winter. Make sure to have your heating systems serviced regularly. However, the trouble here is that the constant use of these systems is going to run up your electricity bill. If you want to save money, consider only heating the living room and the bedrooms. Heat the living room during the day and the bedroom right before you sleep.

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