Confetti Blasters: Add Some Excitement to Your Party!

No matter your age, there is something about celebrating an event and a great party that just makes us grin from ear-to-ear. As you know, I have a huge milestone birthday coming up and I’m super excited to see what my family has planned for me. These are definitely a “must-have” party item to add a bit of excitement to the festivities!

Special Effects and Confetti Blasters

Decorating and creating special effects for any event jolts up the pace of the celebration. They are not only attractive and eye-catching, but they also make the attendees feel like they are in-the-moment at the special occasion. Whether it’s an inauguration party, birthday party, Christmas celebration or a regular Friday night gathering of friends – a confetti blaster is perfect to ramp up the fun and excitement.

Confetti blasters are an apparatus that pops chads of multiple colored materials. They require no electrical supply but instead use compressed nitrogen or carbon dioxide as a medium to project the material into the air. Usually the chads are made from paper, tissue, or Mylar and most of the time these materials are not biodegradable. There are other options; however, that are degradable, such as rose petals. 

Some venues will not permit the use of confetti blasters due to the mess they create, so be sure to ask first if you are hosting your event outside your home. 

These confetti blasters, also called party wands, come in different sizes. You can find those for indoor use that are handheld and are about 12-inches, which is perfect if you are planning to use them for a wedding ceremony or indoor party. If you’re looking for something to use in an outdoor environment, you can find blasters that will pop up to 80 feet in the air. You can purchase standard confetti blasters or you can have them customized in the colors and shapes that you’d like.

Modern Age Party Ornaments

In the past, there were party poppers that used pyrotechnics to fire the chads from the cannon, but these CO2 operated cannons make the job easier and safer. These days no party is complete without a handheld CO2 confetti cannon that even kids can use.

With these poppers, just remember to keep them pointed away from guests and from any fire source. When fired, the confetti cannon emits a loud popping sound, and the chads scatter everywhere. You can find a wide range of confetti cannons in the party section of Walmart, and naturally we have links below to where you can order them on Amazon as well. 

Prices for the confetti cannons range depending on the size of the popper. Small ones range anywhere from $1.50 to less than $10 each, and naturally the bigger you go the higher the price will be. There are also re-loadable confetti cannons and remote-controlled confetti launchers. Just add your refills and continue to rock the party! Whatever chad launcher you choose, it’s a great way to celebrate any surprise or planned party!

Some Words for Safety

Although these confetti launchers produce colorful effects and make an ideal moment even better, don’t forget safety first. Here are a few things to consider and keep in mind for your guests:

  • These objects should not be handled by underage children or any person under influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Do not use if the item is not in right shape or is damaged
  • Avoid shooting at high power electrical cables
  • Remove the outer wrapping before using it
  • Do not point an active launcher toward the face especially towards eyes of any person
  • Do not put confetti cannons in luggage
  • Metallic confetti should not be used where people may walk

So the next time you’re planning a party or get-together, why not consider adding some confetti blasters into the mix?

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  1. These would be amazing at a party. But I agree. Alcohol and confetti launchers – NOT good bedfellows! 😉

  2. Oh this would be SO much fun! I am just excited trying to plan how I would use these. My husband is having his 40th birthday this year, so that might just be the initial confetti blast!

    • I know!!! I can just imagine walking into my surprise party and having everyone shoot off some confetti poppers! It would be so totally awesome and a great way to kick off the fun!

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