Corning Gorilla Glass 4 – Tougher Glass for Rougher Falls

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Know that sickening feeling when you drop your cell phone onto the pavement, the sidewalk, in the driveway, and it lands face down? You know, with almost 98% certainty, that it is going to be ruined. You gingerly pick it up and turn it over and, sure enough, you’ve got cracks and fissures all through the screen of your cell phone, which might be severe enough to render it useless.

Have kids? Have boys? Then you know firsthand that impromptu fights between brothers break out at a moment’s notice. Like this: (video below)

I cannot begin to count the number of cell phones the boys have destroyed. I myself have dropped a phone a time or two, and that dreaded crack you hear sends fear shooting to your heart.

I mean let’s face it. We want our devices thin, light, and aesthetically pleasing, but that isn’t always the best protection for them. We buy thin phones and then purchase bulky cases with oodles of padding to protect them. If you keep them in the case. When you have kids, they need to be practically bullet proof to withstand what they put them through.

Corning’s top scientists are real people. They get this. That’s why they spent thousands of hours on testing to understand exactly how and why glass breaks when dropped.

In laboratory tests though, when dropped from a height of about 3 feet, Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 was up to two times tougher than competitive glass designs, and survived up to 80% of the time.

Corning Gorilla Glass 4“Junior! Did you just drop your phone?” “Yes, Mom! I’m sorry!” Junior says. “It’s okay, Junior. You’ve got Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on your phone!”

Can you hear the angels singing people? Do you know what this means?

When you are dealing with real world surfaces like jagged streets, sidewalks and parking lots, you want the device that has your whole life on it protected with the toughest cover glass possible!

That’s what Gorilla Glass 4 gives you – the toughest cover glass possible for your mobile devices!

Time to Get Geeky!

I’ve got to tell you how this stuff is made because it’s so cool. (It’s the geek in me that likes to know how things are made lol)

First is the fusion manufacturing process. This highly automated process makes a thin sheet of cover glass with pristine surface quality, outstanding optical clarity, and stability.

They take raw materials and blend them into a glass composition which is then melted and conditioned. Then the feed the molten glass into an isopipe until the glass flows evenly over both sides. Then it rejoins at the bottom, and is drawn down to form a continuous flat sheet of glass that is so thin it has to be measured in microns. It is totally untouched by human hands or anything else that will introduce flaws into the surface.

How cool is that?

Then it goes through the ion-exchange. It’s a chemical strengthening process where large ions are stuffed into the glass, placed in a 400 degree celsius bath of molten salt which causes the smaller sodium ions to come out of the glass and the larger potassium ions take their place in the glass.

These ions take up more room, then they’re pressed together when the glass cools, making a layer of stress on the glass. It is this composition that makes Gorilla Glass much more resistant to damage.

Do You Have Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass covering your smart phones from a variety of different providers.

Slates and tablets are one of the fastest-growing segments ever in consumer electronics, combining the portability of mobile phones with the sophisticated capability of a PC, in a streamlined device. Gorilla Glass has had a proven record on a variety of smartphones and tablets. They are now extending this protection to touch-enabled notebooks.

Corning Gorilla Glass 4 - Tougher Glass for Rougher Falls

Do you have Gorilla Glass on your device? We’ve got it on our Acer Iconia Tablet and love it. I can’t tell you the amount of times that my boys have dropped the tablet on the hardwood floor, on the pavement outside, walking down the fishing pier, you name the surface – it’s been dropped on it.

Check and see if you have Gorilla® Glass on your device!

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  1. My old phone came with it and I loved it… but it did crack!! I was so sad!! Now I buy the stick on screen protector. Mother of a 3 year old boy so my phone has way more incidents than it should lol!! Im on my second stick on screen but man do they work amazing!!

  2. Gorilla Glass is definitely worth the investment. This reminded me I need to get a protector for my new phone. I forgot about it!

    • OMG don't forget the screen protector lol!!! Check these two out – I absolutely love them both – they really do the trick! I wrote a review about both of them – intelliARMOR intelliGLASS PRO Edge to Edge Real Glass Screen Protector and the Tech Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector from IGotTech . They are both awesome and they have a wide assortment of sizes for most phones!

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