Cosmically Solar Motion Sensor Lights Review

cosmically solar motion light

Cosmically Solar Motion Sensor LED Light

In honor of their one year anniversary on Amazon, Cosmically Solar is celebrating by giving away these amazing little LED Motion Sensor lights. A friend of mine told me about them (thanks much Laura!) and I want you to know that I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Our light arrived!

With that said – I’m totally loving this little light. No wires needed, it is battery operated (3 AAA batteries), and comes ready to hang where you need it. We needed it in our hallway. The light switches for the hallway are at opposite ends and the boys don’t like to turn the big overhead light on at night when they are going to the kitchen or to the bathroom. There is no electrical outlet in the hallway either that will illuminate the way for them with a plugin night-light. So this little light is perfect.

I did a video walking down the hallway to show you how quickly it comes on and how quickly it will go back off once you pass by and reach your destination.

Just imagine the places where you could use this light! Inside a closet, in the cabinets, in your pantry, underneath your cabinets in the kitchen for added light when preparing food for the family meals, the possibilities are endless!

You can click here to buy on Amazon or … I’m giving our readers a chance to get their very own light absolutely free – but only through Sunday! Once they are gone, they are gone! If you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free. If not, you can get a free 30-day trial. All of the details and the sign up form can be found here on the blog – Please feel free to share with your friends!

Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor and Alarm

I love this outdoors light and I know that my sister will as well (it’s an early Christmas present for her – ssh!) since she lives out in the country. It gets pretty dark outside, and having the outside lights burn all night long is not a great way to save money. Letting Mother Nature do the work by charging this light for 8-12 hours with sunlight, is just what she needs!

cosmically solar motion light2.png

Once fully charged by the sunlight, this light will turn on and stay dimly light until it detects motion (from up to 10 feet away). That is great for her as she will be able to distinguish between a visitor coming up the steps or just a lone groundhog out looking for a midnight snack rattling around outside.

The bright white light automatically returns to the dim function after a 30-second delay. This particular light also has a built-in motion-sensitive alarm feature with a flashing red indicator.

This would be the perfect gift for those people who live on a dimly lit street, out in the country, have an access road that runs behind their property (for those people who wander into your yard in the middle of the night), or people living alone that want an added sense of security. You can buy these lights from Cosmically Solar on Amazon and get FREE shipping!

Where are some places you could use a wireless motion sensor light? Let us know in the comments!

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