Could You Be Risking Your Health For Your Job?

We’ve likely all made the joke at some point in our lives that we’re allergic to our jobs, and as much as that is just a joke, the fact is that just like anything else, our jobs really do have the potential to make us sick, so if you’re suffering from any kinds of symptoms that you don’t know the cause of, then this could be something worth looking into.

So, in this post we’re going to share with you some of the reasons that your job could be making you sick and help you decide if you could actually be risking your health for your job, which we hopefully all know isn’t actually worth it.

Sitting for Long Periods

In the past, an office job was always considered to be a safe bet – not just in terms of employment opportunities,  but overall in terms of health and safety since the risk of injury was low and there’s not much happening that could put you in danger.

sitting for long periods

However, in the past few years we’ve started to see more research showing that office jobs requiring long periods of sitting may not be as without risk as we once thought.

One of the reasons is that long periods of sitting in and of itself is seriously unhealthy, with some health experts actually saying it’s worse than smoking. The other risk comes from the extended time spent looking at a screen which can be damaging to eyesight and cause headaches.

Another risk of a desk job is that when you’re constantly using a computer, it can cause other issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome and even bad posture which can lead to further problems down the line.

Heavy Lifting

As we all know, heavy lifting has never been without its risks, and although many employers will have things in place to support their staff, such as teaching the correct way to lift, others are not so on the ball when it comes to this. For example, nurses who work long shifts and who are often very busy may not see as much support in this area as others do and can often see many work-related injuries.

heavy lifting

Of course, there are things in place that can support you if you’ve suffered a personal injury at work, so if you’re feeling like you’ve been let down in this area, then you should definitely look to hire these personal injury attorneys for further advice and support as to your rights.

Excessive Noise

Excessive noise is something that if you’re exposed to it for longer periods of time can certainly cause problems. This is especially common with people such as musicians and those who work in places like factories or construction jobs, so it’s important that you’re able to make sure your employer is providing you with the correct safety equipment to prevent any long-term damage to your hearing.

excessive work noise

If you’re a musician who works for yourself, then obviously this will be your responsibility, but it’s definitely something you should take care of because the consequences are not worth gambling with.

Toxins and Chemicals

We’ve all heard the tragic stories of people who have lost their lives because they worked in places where they were directly exposed to things like asbestos which we now know is highly toxic although was considered safe at the time.

toxins and chemicals

However, as much as we’re aware of these things now, we still deal with a lot of toxins and chemicals today that we should be protected from, so if you’re a painter and decorator, for example, then you should make sure you’re covering your mouth and nose whilst working so that you’re not breathing in these toxins or dust that can cause problems.

Heights and Risky Environments

Again, things like heights have always been known to pose a risk if we’re not equipped with the correct safety tools, and this can be especially true for people who climb ladders or have to be even higher for their work.

construction work heights

It can sometimes be tempting to say yes to something for the money or even the opportunity itself, but at the end of the day, your safety and your life come first, so you should be making sure that your employer is taking this side of things seriously and not cutting corners when it comes to your safety.

If you work for yourself, then you need to take care of this and there plenty of places you can find online and offline to get this equipment.

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