I’ve mentioned the Cozi system on my blog before when we did our organizational series. If you couldn’t tell from that post, I absolutely love, love, love my Cozi calendar and all of the “extras” that come along with it!
We, as moms, need all the help we can get – from any program, brand, product out there. I gauge a company’s “worth” by one simple factor – WHAT CAN IT DO TO MAKE MY LIFE EASIER?
Cozi makes my life so much easier to manage and maintain and keep me organized so that I can remember important dates and events. I have started to really take advantage of the Journal portion on Cozi and am absolutely love love loving the ability to use my journal area as a handy, dandy portable reminder system of things that the kids have done, special photos that mean the world to me, and its all in one place.
So are you one of those kids who has waited till the last minute to figure out what you’re going to get mom for Mother’s Day? A dad whose been so busy doing other things that the date just slipped your mind? Well Cozi has you covered! Right now they are running a 50% OFF sale on Cozi Gold through May 14. Just click the image above to get all the details, give Mom a gift that she can truly use, and one which will make her life EASIER (not cause her MORE work), and something she will be thankful for every day of the year!

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