Creamed Gourmet Body Treats Review

What would you say if I told you I was going to CREAM you? You’d be all like, “You? Cream Me? In What? Checkers? Blogging? Chess?”  No, silly! I’m talking about CreamedSoaps – also known as Creamed Gourmet Body Treats!

Meet Amber L. Matthews, the owner of Creamed. Gourmet Body Treats, LLC from the Charlotte, NC area. Amber has suffered from eczema for years and as a mother of two small children, she was constantly washing her hands. (Been there, done that!) We all know how that just ruins your skin, causing it to be extremely dry and can even get to the point of painful cracking. Like most of us, Amber was using organic shea butter to moisturize but it wasn’t enough. She learned about natural soap shortly afterwards and quickly saw a difference in her skin and there was no turning back.

Amber then began to make her own soap, fell in love, and CreamedSoaps was born! Amber’s soaps are all natural and handcrafted soaps. Her soaps are free of parabens, artificial fragrance and artificial colors. She uses only pure essential oils for scent, along with vegetable and plant-based products for color and all of the bars are enriched with Organic Cocoa Butter and Organic Shea Butter, along with Mango Butter and Avocado Oil. She even offers vegan-friendly bars that are free of animal bi-products!

Amber gave me the opportunity to review two of her handcrafted gourmet treats – one for me and one for my son, Jonathan, who, as a teenager, is dealing with outbreaks of acne. If you have ever had to deal with a severe outbreak, you know that not only can it be painful, but it is emotionally and mentally difficult to deal with as well and the comments that come about from ‘friends’ because of it.

Cranberry Citrus HP Soap

Cranberry Citrus HP Soap Unwrapped
Photo Courtesy of Creamed. Gourmet Body Treats, LLC

This was my treat to use for the skin disorder that I deal with – a particular type of dermatitis that causes a severe and painful rash on my leg – it almost looks as though my skin has been burned. This particular bar contains ground turmeric which is known for its properties of being a natural anti-inflammatory. In addition to the ground turmeric, this hot process bar contains base oils of coconut, olive and organic sustainable palm oil and is enriched with organic cocoa and shea butters and avocado oil. Cranberry seeds are added for natural exfoliation and a wonderful essential oil blend of Lemongrass and Sweet Orange.

The smell took a bit to get accustomed to, simply because I don’t regularly use anything with lemongrass so I was not accustomed to the smell. The soap – which I have had for almost a month and use every single day (and still have a small amount remaining) lathers up beautifully and I adore the way that it makes my skin feel. Normally after showering I need to slather on this horrid lotion from the dermatologist for my dermatitis to keep my leg from feeling as though it is on fire. Since I’ve been using the Cranberry Citrus soap however – I haven’t needed the cream at all.

It’s Carrots, Honey Facial Bar

it's carrots honey soap
Photo Courtesy of Creamed. Gourmet Body Treats, LLC

Does that not look good enough to eat?!? I absolutely love this soap for helping Jonathan with his acne! Created with organic carrot juice and pure honey, this soap is enriched with organic cocoa and shea butter along with avocado oil. Pure honey is added for its benefits of helping skin retain moisture as well as fighting acne and (pardon my french) damned if it doesn’t work too! He still has the occasional breakout after using this for almost a month but his face is much clearer and the breakouts are not nearly as bad as before! This soap lathers up beautifully as well and I just adore the smell. There have been times I’ve had to mentally shake myself and put the bar back down and stop inhaling the wonderful scent!

I give Amber’s CreamedSoaps a two thumbs up, five star rating!

If you are like me, you are constantly on the lookout for unique, original and thoughtful gifts to give to your friends and family members. This is one of those gifts that stands out leaps and bounds above the rest. Amber’s prices are exceptional – and you get discounts if you order in bulk!

She has a wide variety of products that you can view at her Etsy store here, and you even have the option of creating your own signature bar! Summer is always a great time for weddings – how awesome would it be to create the Mr. and Mrs. XYZ Gourmet Body Treat to give to your bridesmaids and groomsmen?

You can connect with Amber and Creamed. Gourmet Body Treats on Facebook and Twitter and definitely don’t forget to check out her Etsy store!

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