Create a Unique Style

Being unique is one of the best things you can do. So many people follow the crowd, and before you know it you’ve got everyone dressed the same, and nobody standing out from the crowd. But people seem to be a bit scared of the unknown. A bit scared of daring to be unique, probably because we’re one hell of a judgemental society. But it’s becoming more and more apparent that being unique is like being creative. The more different someone is, the more they’re praised for experimenting with their style etc. So, if you’re sick of following the norm, and you want to stand out from the crowd, just a little, here’s how you can do it.

Create a Unique Style

Dare To Be Different

Do you dare to be different? No? Well you should do! Being different creates who you are as a person. It allows you to be true to yourself, and actually enjoy who you are as a person and how you look. If you don’t feel as though you could dare to be different, then we need to change your mind. First, think about what’s holding you back. A lot of people see something that they absolutely love, but refuse to buy it as they don’t think it would suit them. There’s absolutely no reason to think this.

As long as you wear it with confident, most things are going to suit you. The only thing you need to be wary of is your body shape and the clothes you’re wanting to buy. Some body shapes just don’t suit certain types of clothing, but it’s easy to find what you might suit by doing a quick Google search of what styles of clothing suit what body types. Don’t ever let your own insecurities hold you back, rise above them and embrace them. You don’t understand the power of the confidence boost that you could get from switching up your style to something you actually like, rather than the style you think society would like to see you in.

Take Inspiration

Sometimes a bit of inspiration is all you need. Whilst we aren’t saying to copy and become a sheep, we are saying that you should pick out little bits of style from different areas, and throw them together to create something you like. We don’t need to just be talking about fashion here, it applies to everything. In particular, your hair. Deciding how to have your hair is a hard decision, and most of the time us women just stick with what we know. But if you’re going to dare to be different, you need to dare to switch this up. Browse this site to have a look at the different styles that you could take on. Just make sure you’re 100% sure of the decision you’re making before taking a drastic change.

If we’re talking about fashion, the best place you can look is on the internet and in magazines. There’s always articles showcasing what the celebs are wearing, and telling you where you can get something similar. If you wanted to go all out, you could have a look at fashion shows and events to see what they’re showcasing. Generally, the fashion you’ll find here is so outlandish that you wouldn’t want to walk down the street in it. Generally, catwalk fashion for example, is more of a form of art, rather than a style that people would actually want to wear.

Passion For Fashion

It’s all well and good creating a unique style, but like with most things in life, the times change. You could create the most unique and beautiful style to you, but a month or so down the line it’ll go out of fashion. So, in a way, you need to have a passion for fashion and style. That goes for things such as your hair and makeup as well. There’s always new trends coming out, and it really isn’t hard to be able to keep up with them.

Focus on keeping up to date through the internet, and what you see in the shops. If you’re internet shopping, you should be able to throw together some great styles by mix matching what you see the models wearing. As for hair and beauty, you should take a look at blogs and vlogs to see what people are liking. You could even create your own blog if you find you actually do have a passion for fashion!

After reading this, what do you think your unique style is going to be? Focus on keeping it real, and keeping it true to yourself.

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