Creating a Proper, Grown- Up Feel In Your First Home

Renting or purchasing your first home and moving out by yourself can be an extremely exciting milestone. No longer are you confined by the rules of the family home, and you’re free to live how you like- however it can be a little daunting too. From paying bills to cooking for yourself and keeping on top of your chores, there’s plenty to be learned from living independently.

One of the things that’s well worth doing when you move in is decorating the place to look how you want it. Putting your own stamp on things can help a property to feel like home, and allow you to settle in better. So why not create yourself a proper grown up space to relax in? It’s time to leave the posters and unframed prints, stuffed animals and other trinkets from your youth behind and put together something that reflects your adult self. Here are a few ideas.

go neutral

Go Neutral

Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring, but it’s a great safe choice and makes a good blank canvas for any room. Very light grey, cream or plain white walls will all make any room look more spacious and you can always add colour with accessories. Curtains, your bedspread, lamps, cushions and more are all a classy way to bring in a different shade without needing to plaster it on the walls. If colour isn’t your thing, you could always bring in dimension by choosing black accessories, or even a dark chocolate brown if your walls are cream.

Focus on The Bed

As humans we spend a significant amount of time in bed, and so a high quality supportive mattress is essential. You could read sources like to see what the best out there is, or go to a bed shop and physically lie on lots of mattresses to see what works best for you. A lumpy, springy or sagging mattress will cause back issues, disrupt your sleep and generally be uncomfortable. A fantastic bed is a solid purchase as a young adult, spend as much as you can afford as it’s something that will be so well used. Finish it off with soft sheets, plump pillows and a duvet with a tog rating that’s correct for the time of year it is.

Invest in Nice Furniture

Once you’ve moved into your long term home- ie, not student accommodation or any other shorter term let, it’s worth investing in good furniture. Pieces that you love and will last for many years to come. A good sofa, dining table, coffee table and tv stand are all examples. Leave the wobbly cheap rubbish behind, and choose sturdy pieces to stand the test of time and furnish your home beautifully. You could always save up and buy one piece at a time if you don’t have a big budget.

Think About Fixtures and Finishing Touches

Nice ceiling lights, lamps, curtain poles and other fixtures are all things that will make your home look well thought out and coherent. Spend time choosing items that you love, again it’s worth spending more as you won’t have to replace them for a long time.

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