Dealing With An Injury At Work

Suffering from an injury at home or in the workplace is never something we want to deal with but unfortunately, it is something which many of us suffer from every single year. An injury in the workplace can be a serious thing and it can end with a long recovery time as well as a lawsuit and it is something which you need to know about in case it ever happens to you. Here are some of our top tips for what to do when you are injured at work.

Get Help Quickly

Of course, once you are injured the first thing you will need to do is get help and make sure that you are able to be treated as soon as you possibly can. Think about calling for help if you are able and if not see if you can reach into your pocket for your phone and call your manager and an ambulance if you need one. Treatment is the biggest priority so do this before anything else.

Take Photos and Keep Evidence

Just in case your injury ends up being more serious than you first thought, it is important to make sure you take photographs of the scene or ask someone else to take a photograph if you are unable to do so yourself. This can be used later on if you end up in court and will be a good piece of evidence to show that you deserve some compensation for your recovery.

Make Sure It Is Reported and Recorded

Once you are well enough to speak and you are being treated; make sure to check with your workplace that the incident has been put into the accident book and reported. By law, injuries have to be reported because they can affect the safety of the workplace and if you don’t have a record, things will never be improved to prevent these injuries from happening again in the future.

Rest and Recover

Be sure once an injury has occurred that you take the doctor’s advice and rest for as long as you need to rest. Don’t be trying to come back into work too early because this can affect your chances of compensation and it will also significantly slow down your recovery time which is the last thing you want.

While you are resting and recovering, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to contact a workers’ compensation attorney like DePaolo & Zadeikis to discuss the facts and determine if you may have a case or not.

Make sure to record all of your hospital visits and keep your medical records to be used later. You can find a list of evidence for a personal injury here:

Hire A Lawyer

Sometimes there is nothing which can help an injury and in this case, there is nothing to worry about, however, a lot of the time accidents are preventable and it will mean that your workplace owes you compensation.

Make sure to hire a lawyer such as here  to work with you and ensure that you are paid what you deserve for the medical bills and the stress this injury has caused you.

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  1. (Dealing With An Injury At Work) My husband has just been recently dealing with carpal tunnel surgeries from work related injuries and it has taken awhile now to get the surgeries all done. He also had to have his elbows done too. It’s been a long five months now.

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