Debbie Does Dallas In da House

Yes folks, I’m afraid that my youngest, my darling baby, has stumbled upon Internet porn. I was laying on the couch the other day, taking a nap and trying to get the muscles in my back to stop spasming and going ape shit. When I woke, I headed back towards the bedroom and saw that my 10 year old was on my computer watching some sort of video. As soon as he heard me coming, however, he quickly closed out of the browser and turned around and said, “Hi Mom! Do you feel better?” – all innocent like.

I didn’t say anything to him, because I wasn’t sure myself that what I had *thought* I saw was actually what he was watching. So I asked him – “What were you watching on the computer?” to which he replied, “A minecraft video.”

I left it at that – for a moment. Once he went outside, I started checking through the history. I had Firefox open but there was nothing there except for the things I had been hopping around on. So I decided to try Chrome and Internet Explorer’s history to see what I would find. Sure enough – Chrome had the answer to what he’d been watching:

Ugh. I didn’t even bother to look and see what they were about. I don’t want to know. The titles are bad enough without having to see it on top of that. I did, however, tell his Dad that it was time for a birds and the bees chat with him and why looking at porn was NOT something he should be doing at 10 years old.

I do have my computer password protected – and the kids have their own login screen (for the very rare instances they are allowed on my computer), but I had left it on when I went to take a nap, so he was looking at all of this JUNK under my login on the computer.

I know boys are going to be boys … and that he’s at the age where his curiosity and interest in girls is going to start developing … but watching porn is DEFINITELY not the way that I want him to learn about sex between two people.

I tried to disillusion myself into believing that I would not have to deal with this – with him anyway – until he was 12 or 13. Unfortunately, babies do not stay babies, and we as mothers need to understand that and prepare ourselves for these “growing up” milestones and develop a means to tackle them in a gentle and educational manner. It was one of the reasons that I didn’t say anything to him right away. I waited until Dad had a chat with him and then when he came to apologize to me for looking at junk like that on my computer, I had a heart to heart with him. I told him that while he will always be my baby, he is much too young to be looking at stuff like that, and that a good portion of the time none of that stuff is actually real – at least not how it should be between two people who love each other. I hugged him to me and told him to stay my baby, just a wee bit longer.

Unfortunately, while his mouth agreed and said that he would – I know its just a matter of time before the testosterone takes over and takes my baby boy from me.

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