Declutter Your Home For Good With These Top Tips

We can all have the very best intentions to keep our homes tidy and clean. But somehow throughout the daily grind of life that little promise can often be forgotten. Paperwork can pile up, clothes can be left in the wardrobe unworn. It happens to the very best of us. The problem most people have when it comes to keeping on top of their homes is time. Time to clean, time to sort through things and organize properly. But yet the irony is, if your home was clutter free those things would be far more manageable and achievable. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can declutter your home for good.

Try the Five Minute Rule

Time is one of the biggest things we just don’t have enough of. So instead of overwhelming yourself with such a huge task, why not set yourself a goal of five minutes each day. If we are honest five minutes isn’t a long time to sacrifice. Use this five minutes to walk around your home getting rid of clutter, or attempting to sort out a wardrobe or set of drawers. Once the five minutes are up leave it and carry on again the next day. It will take time but you will begin to see the results gradually.

Store Things That You May Need In the Future Elsewhere

Sometimes we can be keeping things for the future. Perhaps baby clothes or older toys, for example. However, although you need them in the future it doesn’t mean you need them now. They could be taking up valuable space in your home. So why not consider storing the items you don’t need elsewhere until the time you do. Considering places like Hills Self Storage means you have somewhere to safely store the items. While decluttering your home.

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Take It One Cupboard and Drawer at a Time

Many people are time poor these days, so why not take it one cupboard or drawer at a time. This is another way to not feel so overwhelmed by the task in hand. Just set yourself a target of an area to tackle each day and work your way through it all.


Be Brutal

When it comes to decluttering your home you must be brutal with your decisions. There is no good storing things just in case. This is especially important for things like clothes. If you haven’t worn it in at least 12 months the chances are you never will. Once you start to see the difference less clutter makes it will be easier to make those harder decisions.

Sell Unwanted and Unused Things to Boost Your Income

Finally, use the decluttering exercise as an opportunity to boost your income. If some of the items have value than utilize websites like eBay to sell them. You may not have a use for it but that doesn’t mean someone else won’t. It’s a great way to add a little extra income and it could go towards your savings pot.

I hope these tips inspire you to declutter your home.

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  1. Thanks So Much for Sharing These Helpful Tips & Tricks for Decluttering the Home, I Really Appreciate it! I’m in the Process of Remodeling My Bathroom and Then I Will Be On to the Bedroom, Which Has Gone a Lot Slower Than I Would Like it to b/c I Have Really Bad Chronic Pain and it’s Hard to Work When You Feel So Bad! The One Thing I Have Noticed I Have Struggled with is Storage Space So I Can Keep Things Nice and Organized but I Don’t Have a Whole Lot of Extra Space! These Tips are Really Helpful for Me Though So Thanks Again for Sharing! Have a Wonderful Evening! – Jana

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