Decluttering Your Home: Making Your Home Functional And Minimal

Is it just me, or does January fill you with the motivation and inspiration to declutter and minimise your home and life in some way? This usually happens twice a year for me – in January and then again in September when the kids go back to school. 

It may not be going to extremes as a minimalist, but so many people like the idea of a good clear out this month that it seemed logical to share with you some of the best tips to get you started. Doing some of these tips could help you make your home a little more minimal and functional in different ways. As you start to work out how you could utilize different spaces in your home. So without further ado, here are some of the best tips to get you started.

decluttering your home

Could Your Home Make More Use of Some Redundant Spaces?

It can often be a time of year where we want to completely overhaul our home, but it can also be the ideal time to start making some changes and making more use of some of the space in your home. It might be that a spare room is full of things you don’t need right now, that could then be stored until the time that you do. A quick search online for storage near me could help you identify a local facility, which could then mean that you could make more use of the space you have just created. Perhaps a home office to help you work more efficiently from home, or simply making space for visitors, guests, or any new additions to the family.

The 5-Minute Declutter Tip

If you are serious about decluttering but find it to be an overwhelming task, then perhaps taking a slow and steady approach could be more your thing. You could choose to spend just five minutes a day. Five minutes where you get a bag and you walk around your home or spend time in one room and you get rid of any unwanted items. After you have your bag of stuff you can then decide on the best way to dispose of it.

Making MORE of Your Unwanted Items

Sometimes you will have unwanted things that you no longer want, but that doesn’t mean to say that they don’t have some value or a use for someone else. So why not use this added inspiration for decluttering and make a little bit of money in the process? Websites like eBay are a great way to sell unwanted items online, and boost your disposable income.

Trying New Methods of Storage

Maybe you need to think about how you store things in your home and get a little creative with your options. There are always going to be spaces in your home that could be utilised in different ways. This isn’t about big rooms, this is more about a space under the stairs or a space that isn’t useful for larger pieces of furniture. Getting the expertise of a local carpenter, or even looking for DIY projects on Pinterest, could help you build or purchase storage options to help you keep things in your home neat and tidy.

Take Advantage of Loft Space or Additional Storage Elsewhere

Finally, you could also use things like a storage unit, a shed or even loft space to store your more organised things. While you may not need them right now, you may need some of those things you have decluttered in the future.

I hope that this has inspired you to make your home functional and minimal. I’m hoping to have mine well on the way within the next few weeks!

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