Designing a Kitchen That Is Practical AND Beautiful

Design a Kitchen That is Practical and Beautiful

Combining beauty and functionality isn’t always easy. In the kitchen, it’s crucial to have a room where you can prepare foods easily. You may want to have a pleasant meal in your kitchen, too. In many homes, this room is also a center of social interaction. You can fulfill all these functions and have a visually-appealing room at the same time. Here’s how.

Dining Set Options

Most people prefer small dining set for their kitchen if they have a larger dining room where they do their formal entertaining and have family dinners. Fortunately, there are many different types of small tables from which to choose. Select a high-quality set by reading 1StopBedroom customer reviews. Here are some of your options.

  • Round tables promote conversation.
  • Square tables tend to fit into rooms easily.
  • Upholstered chairs are more comfortable but can be difficult to clean if not stain-resistant.
  • Dining benches can add extra seating when needed and be pushed neatly under the table when more floor space is required.
  • Counter-height tables and chairs create a great environment for socializing.
  • Modern metal dining sets not only present a clean, sleek look, but they ’re easy to keep clean.

Pay Attention to Your Color Scheme

Functional Pieces

Of course, the dining set serves several important functions. But what about furniture items to make your cooking, baking, and serving easier? For these uses, consider the following types of furniture.

  • Kitchen island – These items have a smooth top that is durable enough to use for any type of food preparation. They also have drawers and/or shelves where you can store cookware, utensils, or even set a pie to cool. You can also get chairs to scoot up to your kitchen island for a cozy chat.
  • Kitchen cart – A cart can offer storage space in the kitchen as well. On the top, you can place various items, such as a microwave. Or, its wheels make it perfect for serving guests in other rooms.
  • Pot rack – An attractive pot rack can make your kitchen look more stylish as it keeps your most useful cookware within easy reach.
  • Baker ’s rack – A baker’s rack offers more storage for anything you keep in the kitchen. It’s also a great place to stash goodies as you bake them.
  • Buffet – It’s the perfect place to lay out your brunch buffet or. They typically have storage for dishes, silverware, and dining linens as well.

Use Color to Accent Your Color Scheme

Color Scheme

The color scheme of your kitchen can have a large impact, not only for the ambiance, but it can also affect your appetite. Here are some of the colors you might want to avoid and why.

  • Dark gray – creates a gloomy atmosphere and decreases appetite
  • Eggshell – makes your room look old and boring
  • White – very hard to keep clean
  • Blue – decreases appetite
  • Black – decreases appetite

There are lots of other colors you can use to enhance your kitchen space:

  • Warm yellow – cheery and stimulates appetite
  • Turquoise – stimulates appetite and promotes a carefree feeling
  • Green – promotes healthy eating
  • Orange – increases appetite as well as mental activity
  • Red – top color for appetite increase, although it’s less than calming
  • Dove gray – a neutral color in every sense.

When you’re designing your kitchen interior, there’s no need to choose between boring but functional and beautiful but useless. With the right choices in décor and furniture, you can have both at once. As you begin searching for the perfect pieces for your kitchen, look for a company with quality furniture with a wide selection of types and styles of furniture. Your ideal kitchen is waiting to be created!

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