Desserts for the Ultimate Movie Night

Don’t spend all of your money on movie tickets and goodies from the concession stand at the theater, when you can have the perfect movie night right at home. It is much more convenient to watch a movie on your television or laptop while sitting on your couch. Once you pick the movie, don’t press play until you have a selection of treats sitting in front of you. Here are some desserts that are tastier and cheaper than what you can find at the theater.

Mochi Ice Cream

Take the opportunity to snack on something that the average movie theater doesn’t sell: mochi ice cream. This dessert is made of a rich ball of ice cream covered in a layer of mochi, which is sweetened rice dough. They come in small spheres that can be finished in two to three bites, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just one! To see what kind of mochi ice cream will pair with your movie night, grab your computer and go to the website to find flavors Iike sweet mango, cookies and cream and mint chocolate chip.

Chocolate Treats

One of the best things to buy at the concession stand is a big bag of chocolate goodies. Instead of burning a hole in your wallet at the theater, you can have your chocolate treats at home. Any home baker can assemble treats that taste better than the average pre-packaged confection, like chocolate peppermints or chocolate covered malt-balls. A major benefit of making your desserts at home is that you can make as much as you want — and if you’re watching the movie solo, you don’t even have to share.

Movie Popcorn

You may not be heading over to the nearest movie theater, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snack on movie popcorn. Instead of buying a microwavable bag, buy a container of popcorn kernels and make stovetop popcorn. Get a large pot with a lid and place it on the stovetop, and then turn the burner on high heat. Add in oil with a high smoke point, like canola oil, then put in the popcorn kernels and close the lid. Shake the pot occasionally to prevent kernels from burning and turn off the heat when the popping slows down.

Toss all of your popcorn into a big bowl and add in all of the toppings that you crave. For the classic movie popcorn, clarify some butter and pour it evenly over the entire batch, and then add salt. If you have more of a sweet tooth, dust the popcorn in cinnamon sugar or add chocolate chips. For something truly unique, you can make Margarita Popcorn with chili powder, lime zest and cilantro. 

Instead of going all the way to a movie theater and spending all of your cash, have your movie night on your own couch. You will save money by skipping the over-priced concession stand by using the goodies in your own kitchen. Gather up your mochi ice cream, your chocolate treats and your bowl of popcorn, and enjoy the ultimate movie theater experience at home.

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