Develop your Writing Style With a Blog

Develop your Writing Style With a Blog

Blogs are a really fun way to write about the things you are interested in, share ideas and even get paid. But they are also a perfect way to improve your writing and get better at organizing your thoughts.

The writing style of the vast majority of blogs is reasonably chatty, certainly informal, and often recognizable as how the writer actually speaks. This is why blogging is so good for improving your writing style: it takes the pressure off formal writing and allows you to express yourself how you like. Over time, this self-expression will become a personal style that you will be able to manipulate for different purposes, gradually becoming an all-round writer.

For people who are learning a new language, and especially those who struggle with the rules of writing, a blog is also a good way to experiment with language over a range of subjects, gradually increasing the amount of writing you do. It also provides you with a more disciplined approach to learning. AJ Hoge, supports the idea that when you are becoming fluent in a second language, the rules of the language shouldn’t be learned by rote, but a more natural, integrated approach will cover everything you need.

Choosing a Topic

Finding something to talk about every week can be a challenge, but there are lots of ideas you could try if you are suffering with bloggers block! The main thing, though, is that you write about something that is interesting to you.

To begin with, try expressing fairly simple ideas that don’t need a lot of explanation or exposition, just get straight down to the point using simple sentences. As you get more practice, take on more difficult subjects that require a little more linguistic dexterity to convey your point. This will stretch your writing technique and also flag up where you are struggling to find the language for your thoughts.

Try Different Styles of Writing

Blogs are incredibly freeing because there is no house style to follow and no rules about what you can and can’t do at all, really. This means that you are completely free to experiment with different styles of writing, try out formal vs informal writing and even have a play with different forms such as essay, poetry and fictional prose.

As you learn to write, you will naturally slip into your own voice and your writing will become more recognizably you. However, experimenting will help to refine and develop your voice, giving you a broader range and helping to make your expression better.

Keep Writing!

One of the main things about keeping a blog is that you are more obliged to continue to write, whether that’s once a week or every day. Set yourself a schedule and plan the blog titles you want to explore well in advance to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in paper writing. Over time, you will definitely see how much you have improved and will look back on your early blogs and easily see where you could make them better now.

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