Different Diamond Shapes Explained

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The shape of a diamond has a major weighting when it comes to the overall beauty and style of the ring. This is something that is chosen in relation to the owner of the ring and their own personal taste. If you are someone who likes feminine and dainty styles then you are more likely to love a pear-shaped diamond. However, if bold and bling is more your style, then you will probably be a fan of the radiant diamond. 

This article takes a look at the main diamond shapes available and provides advice on how to match the diamond shape to your hand shape and finger size. 

What are the main diamond shapes? 

There are nine famous diamond shapes. These are as follows.

• Round – The most popular of the bunch

• Pear-Shaped – like a teardrop

• Oval – Tends to be great for colored diamonds

• Princess – After the round shape this is the most popular 

• Cushion – Great for vintage rings

• Emerald – This shape boasts a rectangular look and is chunkier in comparison to the rest

• Radiant – The elegance of the emerald shape with the brilliance of the round diamond

• Marquise – Elongated shape with pointed ends

• Heart – It’s all in the name with this one; a lovely love-heart shaped diamond

How do you choose the right diamond shape?

Knowing about the different shapes is one thing, but you need to know how to pick the right diamond shape for you. As mentioned in the introduction; this is typically down to personal preference. However, considering what shape is going to be best suited to your hand and finger is always recommended. 

Let’s take a look at each ring type again in relation to their suitability.

• Round – Better suited to individuals with longer fingers

• Pear – Ideal for individuals with shorter fingers

• Oval – Flattering for those with smaller hands and shorter / thicker fingers

• Princess – Great for most hand shapes, especially individuals with wider fingers

• Cushion – Ideal for all hand shapes and finger sizes 

• Emerald – Best for those with long and slender fingers• Radiant – Flattering for most hand shapes and finger sizes

• Marquise – Great for those with shorter fingers. If the marquise stone is set horizontally it can be ideal for those with wider fingers

• Heart – Flattering for those with small hands and small fingers 

This should help to show you why it is important to consider hand shape and finger size when buying a diamond ring. If you find a ring that compliments your hand/finger then you can really enhance the overall beauty of it. 

When buying diamonds, you should be able to easily see their shape from the photo. More and more people are purchasing diamonds on the likes of eBay today to save money. However, you do need to be mindful of any fake products. It is important to report infringements on eBay if you notice that someone is selling fake diamonds. 

All of these shapes are diverse from one another, yet they all boast a beautiful reflective quality and create that stunning sparkle. That is why diamond rings are so desirable. You should also think about the shape in relation to the setting. For example, pear shape diamonds look beautiful whilst standing alone, however emerald shape diamonds can look stunning in a halo setting. 

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