Divorce Tips for a Fast and Amicable Ending

Divorce Tips for a Fast and Amicable Ending

Trashy TV shows would have us believe that divorce always has to end in tears. Vengeful wives who cut their spouses wardrobe to pieces, scratch their cars and do their darndest to take them for every penny they have and sneaky husbands who do everything in their power to hide their money and their indiscretions from the courts are common staples in fiction, but real life divorces don’t have to be like that – not if you don’t want them to anyway.

If you’ve decided to get divorced, here are some quick tips to help you keep it all amicable:

Put the Children First

If you have children, first and foremost, you should take the time to consider them. Think about, and if they’re old enough, ask them what kind of arrangement they would like. Don’t use your kids as a weapon – that never works well and could lead to a long, drawn-out and dirty process, which no one really wants.

Consider Your Contributions

One of the main causes of nasty divorces is money. If you want to avoid being drawn into a long drawn out battle, and you just want to be able to draw up the papers and visit the Notary Depot to find a suitable signing witness as soon as possible, you need to be fair about your cash. Both of you should sit down and work out what you each brought into the marriage, how much money you each made during the time you were together and what other contributions, looking after the kids, paying bills etc., that you made. Then, you can work out a fair settlement.

Of course, if you want to make the process really easy, you could just agree to a 50/50 split and move on with your lives. This is often the best option for all involved as it avoids arguments almost completely if both parties are willing.

Don’t Rush It

If you want your divorce to go through quickly with as little stress and upheaval for your whole family as possible then, don’t rush it. If your soon to be ex-spouse is taking some time out to think things over, don’t try to push him or her. When you do this, you can get their backs up and get them to thinking about other options that they weren’t considering before. They might even draw things out on purpose because you’ve annoyed them so much, so give them the time and space they need.

Stick to the Facts

It can be hard to keep emotions out of your divorce proceedings, but that’s how divorce lawyers like Boyd Law end up making so much money. When you let your emotions rule your negotiations instead of looking at the facts and working out what is fair and what is not, then you are much less likely to go through long divorce proceedings that make you hate each other forevermore. If it’s getting difficult, think of your children and think about how good it’ll be to start getting your life back on track. These will help you to stay sane and keep on track.

Good luck with your divorce. I hope you can keep it amicable – these tips should certainly help with that!

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