DIY Hair Color Checklist Made Simple

The holiday season is just days away and you know what that means – holiday parties and gatherings, seasonal festivals and activities. You want to look your best for those holiday party photos and the snapshots on Santa’s lap. So we’ve got a handy DIY check list here today to help you get the great color you deserve without any muss or fuss.

Coloring your hair yourself can be intimidating — and we’re not pretending otherwise. Many of us leave it to the experts for that reason. It’s also why Madison Reed was started — to demystify at-home hair color, so it’s a cinch to do on your own. Madison Reed’s color kit ships with the essentials; plus a few extras to ensure your experience is convenient, relaxing and even a little bit glam. To use a cooking analogy (they’re big food enthusiasts), it’s like having the vegetables peeled and spices measured before you cook. The prep work is already done for you, so there’s no fumbling. No mess. No learning curve.

DIY Hair Color Checklist

Get It Together

This handy checklist — most of it’s already in the Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit — takes the hard out of hair color for the easiest salon-quality results you can get at home.

Barrier Cream (Included)

Some people use vaseline, but Madison Reed includes our own color protection formula. Apply this along the hairline to keep dye off your skin. Don’t forget easy-to-miss spots like the back of your neck and top of your ears.

Activator Bottle (Included)

Easy to squeeze? Precise nozzle? Check and check! In soft plastic with a tip applicator, and a screw top, this tool makes anyone a pro.

Hair Color (Included)

It’s ammonia-free, and not only safe, but also scent free. No one will know your gorgeous color came from a bottle.

Two Pairs of Gloves (Included)

Form-fitting, high enough to cover your wrists, and in dye-camoflaging black, our gloves are awesome. You get not one, but two pairs; one set to protect hands while applying color, plus an additional set for rinsing in the shower — so no dirty gloves will ever have to touch and stain your counter.

Cap (Included)

Not your finest fashion moment, but if you’re concerned about guarding against stains while hair is processing, this is perfect.

Cleansing Wipe (Included)

Residue on your ears is a tell-tale sign you’ve been coloring hair. Use these after to get ride of the evidence. Don’t forget the back of your ears!

Shampoo & Conditioner (Included)

For your final step, wash and nourish hair with Madison Reed’s ultra-mild formulas free of sulfates and parabens.


Since our formula is cream based and has the consistency of a deep conditioner, we don’t anticipate much dripping. For beginners, it’s still a nice security measure against mess until you get used to the process.

Four Clips (in Madison Reed Coloring Accessory Kit)

Helpful for securing hair into four sections; you can also use rubber bands or hair ties.

Wide-tooth Comb (in Madison Reed Coloring Accessory Kit)

Using a comb or fingers, take color through before putting on a cap.

Button Down Shirt (or smock from Madison Reed Coloring Accessory Kit)

Short of coloring, ahem, in the buff, this is the next best thing to keep your other clothes dye-free. For super fans, they now have zip-up Madison Reed Salon Smock.

Glass of Wine (Optional)

Why not make the wait a happy (half) hour?

Good Read

This is your ‘me-time’ — dive in!

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