DIY Lalaloopsy Fun: Learn How to Crochet Your Own Doll

Crochet Your Own Lalaloopsy DollLalaloopsy dolls are some of the favorite and hottest toys for little girls. Especially with the holiday season coming up, they’re a popular choice right now.

Even if you do go ahead and get your child a Lalaloopsy — or especially if you do — you can get them involved with some DIY fun and create your own homemade, crochet Lalaloopsy doll. After all, the Lalaloopsy dolls are just ragdolls come to life with a bit of magic, right? So bring your own to life by adding a touch of love and your kids will be sure to have extra enjoyment playing with something you made from the heart.

First, you should have a specific doll in mind that you want to create, maybe even the favorite character or doll your child or family member already loves. Whether you’re working from an image, or you use your child’s doll in front of you for inspiration, it’ll help guide your crocheting.

As you plan your project, think bright colors, and cute designs. Lots of bright purples or pinks will be sure to go over well with a DIY Lalaloopsy doll, but bright anything is a great match, including yellows, blues and greens. Be creative!

Clothes and accessories are half of the fun, cute look for Lalaloopsy dolls, so be sure to create some fanciful clothing and patterns. And go big with the hair, as the hair is one of the biggest factors which sets Lalaloopsy dolls apart. More signature traits of the Lalaloopsy dolls are the cute, pink circles on their cheeks, their button eyes which can be colored or black, and their ubiquitous, simple smile.

Look online and you’ll see that there are some wonderful resources already out there, with Lalaloopsy or Lalaloopsy-like crochet patterns for DIY dolls.  You don’t have to make a DIY Lalaloopsy doll, either. You could also crochet a Lalaloopsy knit hat, Lalaloopsy inspired mittens, fun little blankets with Lalaloopsy patterns and designs on them, and more.

It just depends on how creative you feel like being, and how much time you have! You could even consider making DIY Lalaloopsy crochet clothing which your child can use with her current Lalaloopsy dolls.

Lalaloopsy also provides some great downloadable material straight from their own website, including crafts, cutouts and patterns to help kids get hands-on, display some of their creativity and bring their artistic sides out.

So get in on the fun and create your own DIY Lalaloopsy doll. Great for a gift for a little girl who already loves her Lalaloopsy dolls, while you get to showcase your own skill and technique and enjoy crocheting a homemade, one of a kind gift. Next time, get the kids in on it too, and teach them how to crochet, and everyone can work on a DIY crochet Lalaloopsy doll together.

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waou !!! this is wonderfull work !!! want and wish to know how to do it for my daughter? thanks for sharing,

Karen Glatt

WOW! I would love to learn how to crochet this doll and give one to my niece next year for Christmas! I could take my time and learn how to do it! These dolls are so cute!