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When we think of trending styles, we rarely consider home decor. However, homes change with times just like clothes, hairstyles, and everything else. You are very aware of this when you walk into a vintage room. People who grew up in the late 1960s were apt to have lime green vinyl living room furniture and shag carpet. You may see a wooden “sunburst” clock above a television that was built into a console with a record player, cassette player, and AM/FM radio.  On the walls, you could expect 8×10 glossy photographs of children and family members that covered halls and stairways.

By the 1990s arts and crafts were everywhere. Homemade wreaths of huge flowers were popular as was decorated sun hats and decorated straw brooms. Earth Tones created a homey feel and bathrooms had a good chance of being baby blue or pastel pink.

Wall Decor in 2019

Home decorating trends for 2019 are a wonderful combination of vintage and modern art. Don’t worry, you will not have to hang decorated wooden spoons over your olive green appliances. Designers have taken the best of several years of wall hangings and turned them into understated elegance with a comfortable feel.

The glossy shots of your child as he grows through his childhood are moved to and beautifully protected by family photo albums. But, that does not mean your family is banned from wall space. This year people are taking favorite photographs of their family, pets, and homes and sending them into experts like The photograph is then meticulously painted from the photograph with oil paints on canvas. This procedure is very much like the photographs painted in years gone by, with one difference. The people in the photograph do not have to sit for hours (or days) in order for the artist to capture their essence They do not move and disrupt the flow of the artist and they are much less costly. If oil on canvas is a bit too formal for you there is the option of watercolors, ink, chalk, and pencil. Each of these is created by professionals and the result is beautiful.

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Defining the room

For the past few years, tiny houses have been a big trend. In many cities where space is a luxury, creating a stylish room with limited space is a challenge. This is the theme behind the use of color and depth in today’s trends. Earthy colors are giving wall the illusion of more space. Fabric with designs consisting of firm lines and sharp edges are big. Clean and sharp designs on a canvas with the keys in place are hung without a frame. Using mirrors to reflect the design through the room make it look much larger and refreshing.

Bathrooms and kitchens are using shades of gray or blue-gray for the homey feeling. Vintage (or pieces that look like vintage) pedestal sinks, open-faced cabinets, and lovely polished faucets and knobs bring the look together.

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Keeping The Focus on Space

To make the room more unique and to spotlight the space-saving aspects of the room try a desk that is attached to the wall and is folded out with an expandable leg is nice. Pulling the desk into place and using it as a drink station for company is a great conversation piece. When the desk is folded against the wall, paint it a few shades lighter or darker than the room for a unique wall decoration. Accent it with vertical pieces like a tall mirror or climbing metal wall hanger.

In the kitchen, create a hanging herb garden. Secure plastic pots with drainage holes to long pieces of yarn, rope, or macrame. They can be coffee tins with a hole punched on either side for the rope and holes in the bottom for drainage. The garden is hooked from the ceiling (but hung low enough to access with a step ladder.) or made smaller and hung from the top of a window. Remove the entire garden and place it in the shower for watering or take it outdoors and hang from a fence for sunshine. This is pretty, fun, and flavorful.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips and add a few of your own. This year has a place for everything. Your walls will display the family you love and your unique creativity.

Note: Be sure to use a lot of plants to keep the air clean and your body healthy. Pots of Lavender are beautiful and they emit a fragrance that fights anxiety and promotes peaceful sleep.

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