Do These Things Every Day And Sleep Like A Baby Every Night

As we get older, the days when we used to ‘sleep like a baby’ seem more and more out of reach. Stress can get the better of us, as can modern day technology. If you want to start sleeping well every night again, then you need to make sure you’re doing these things every day:

Exercise During The Day

Exercise during the day will help to make you feel sleepier before bed. Those who exercise in the morning not only have more productive days, they have a better quality of sleep later on. It isn’t just about the amount of time you’re asleep, but the quality of it that matters! Even if you only do a 15 minute circuit, it will help you to fall asleep faster at night.

Exercising at night can lead to a better quality of sleep too, but you may find it harder to drop off, according to studies.

Do These Things Every Day And Sleep Like A Baby Every Night - Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine can make us jittery and keep us up until the early hours if we’re not careful with it. If you need coffee, limit yourself to a couple of cups in the morning, and then switch to something else early afternoon. Ideally, you should switch to a decaffeinated drink, as drinks like regular tea still contain caffeine. Don’t forget that food can contain caffeine too, like chocolate! If you find yourself lying awake at night, it could be because you’re hitting the caffeine too hard.


Stress can affect us in profound ways too, including interrupting our sleeping pattern. Destress by training yourself to breathe properly. Most people breathe in a way that signals to the body that they are stressed! You can also meditate for a few minutes each day. Find your own way to destress – some people like to knit!

Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be a powerful way to relax and get ready for bed. Lavender in your body cream or bath can be effective, but simply using it in a diffuser and breathing it in later in the evening can help.

Make Your Bed Every Day

Getting into a messy bed isn’t the most relaxing feeling. Making your bed every day will instill a sense of discipline in you that will help in other areas of your life too, according to studies. However, making your bed won’t make a jot of difference if you have a horrible mattress and terrible pillows. If you need a new mattress but you’re unsure on what to get, you can view here for more information. Make sure your bed clothes are suitable for your skin, the temperature of the room, and other factors too. All of these things matter if you want to drift off quickly.

Have A Hot Bath In The Evening

A hot bath in the evening can be a great way to drop off quickly, as our bodies cool down and make us sleepy. Add some essential oils to your bath or some bath salts to help.

Remove Electrical Items From Your Bedroom

Take TVs out of the bedroom, and even leave your phone in another room. We don’t realize just how much these items affect our circadian rhythms.

So if you are looking for a better night sleep, try these tips above and you will be sleeping like a baby in no time!

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