Do You Need a Land Survey for Your Home Renovation?

Deciding to remodel your home may be as simple as a new coat of paint and a change in decor, which you can do as often as your mood changes and budget can withstand.

When you start considering something more complex which involves the construction of additional rooms or a new dwelling, this is where the services of a town planning consultant come into play. Otherwise. you could find yourself looking at legal challenges rather than a beautifully remodeled home. While this is written with our friends overseas in mind, the same principles apply for those here in the United States.

What is a land survey?

A land surveyor in Melbourne works on a variety of projects from designing new and existing infrastructure and building developments to environmental measuring and monitoring. They undertake land surveys to determine the accuracy of any boundaries, the size of the land, and the features of the landscape such as slopes, for example. This information is produced in a report format that is used by civic engineers who plan structures of buildings so they are safe and architects who will then be able to make the most of the landscape when designing a new build or remodel. The land survey is the foundation on which your home renovation will literally stand to ensure a safe and beautifully designed project that makes the most of the land surrounding it.

When is a land survey not required?

As noted at the start, if you are carrying out changes within the existing home such are removal of interior walls, ripping out the old bathroom units, and refurbishing with new, general painting decoration and maintenance then a land survey is not a requirement.

Why is a land survey necessary for a home renovation?

If you are planning to carry out work outside the existing build, such as demolishing all or part of the home and then rebuilding or planning additions to the house, then you will need a land survey.

There is a whole host of regulations linked to change of land use, renovations, new builds, or subdivision that the remodeling of your home may fall under. These will differ slightly across the states and territories, so it is really important you work with a land surveyor in Melbourne who is familiar with what is required in your area. Planning permits could be required depending on what your proposals are and a town planning consultant can assist with identifying the necessary permitted land usage and relevant permissions.

If you live near waterways or on areas of land that are quite flat, and you are looking to add another story to the home, you need to be thinking about some of the infrastructures you cannot see. Water drains and sewage pipes could be underneath your land, and these have to be factored into a restructure or new build, along with any other underground pipework or services that run to the property.

A land surveyor will undertake an Existing Conditions survey which includes current utility services, existing buildings, boundary fencing, and vegetation. If your remodeling takes place close to the boundary between you and your neighbor, they may also carry out a title re-establishment survey to ensure the correct location of the property. This will also help avoid unpleasant neighborhood disputes and you won’t have spent money building something on land that may not be yours.

What happens if a land survey is not carried out?

If you carry on with your remodeling without a land survey, you can find yourself served with a planning infringement notice. These are levied against the individual (at present five penalty units with the cost fixed by the Treasury). If not paid in time, this could result in further fines and prosecution.

Town planners are experienced in the zoning laws that impact on the area in which you live and will be able to identify if there are any permits required or if there are restrictions, which means your renovation will not be accepted by the local planners. Instead of making what could be a very expensive and time-consuming mistake, it is necessary to get a land survey carried out.

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