Does Having A Pet Mean Compromising On Cleanliness?

When you think of owning a pet, you probably imagine the friendly face of your companion waiting for you to come back after work, the cuddles in the morning, the loving presence that saves you from loneliness. But you may not be thinking of pet ownership in terms of how it will affect your household. However, pet owners know that keeping a clean and tidy house when you’ve got a dog or a cat is a challenge of every day!

If you’re considering adopting your first pet, you need to prepare yourself mentally to the task. While it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a spotless – or nearly spotless – home, there’s no denying that you’ll have to work hard to make it happen! Ultimately, the better you plan for your pet, the cleaner your home will be!

Dog Playing Ball
A dog playing ball

Keep Everyone and Everything Organized

Organization is not just a nice thing to have; it’s an integral factor in keeping your sanity and your house intact! Indeed, there’s a reason why people who adopt a dog or a cat talk of a new family member; your pet needs a room too. Not specifically in terms of bedrooms, but you should ensure that all pet supplies are stored together. Therefore, it’s a good idea to buy a dog or cat bed, where your furry friend can retire to rest and keep his toys too.

keep your pets toys organized
Have a storage box for toys


Dogs and cats are adorable, but there are also very furry – except for isolated breeds. Our Mollyanna sheds constantly and it is one of the few things that really make me hate cleaning! Consequently, keeping your carpet clean and dust-free will begin to feel like one of Hercules’s Labors! You need to vacuum your carpet regularly – at least twice a week – when you have a pet. This will reduce the risk of allergies for young children, and keep the house smelling fresh too – as accumulate hair dust can have an unpleasant odor. Puppies and kittens can also suffer from digestive troubles. Like young children, they can feel sick if they play just after eating, for instance, which can result in stains on the carpet. Professional cleaners can help you to make the worst stains disappear!

A Clean Pet Keeps the House Clean

You can reduce the presence of dirt and pet hair in the home by looking after your pet’s coat. For instance, long-haired pets should be brushed weekly, while short-haired dogs and cats require only fortnightly brushing. Getting rid of loose hair will significantly decrease dust inside your home. It also ensures your pet’s coat stays healthy throughout the year. It doesn’t hurt to take a trip to the groomer once a month either for a deep cleaning!

maintain their fur
Maintain Your Dog’s Fur

Keep Your Pet Entertained to Avoid Damages

If you’re worried about damages at home, you need to make sure that you can house train your pet properly. Puppies, for instance, tend to leave a trail of destruction behind them due to lack of proper training! Your furry friend can get bored and anxious when you’re at work. Create a play routine to release the extra energy. You can play fetch with both dogs and cats – cats do play fetch, and they love it – which gives your pet plenty of exercise and fun. Similarly, a scratching post can save your best curtains or couch!

Should you give up on your dream of an elegant interior decor when you adopt a pet? Of course not! But you need to establish positive habits to manage the potential damages and mess your pet can make!

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