Don’t Let Your Road Trip Cost More Money Than Necessary

There’s nothing better than hitting the open road, be it on the back of a motorcycle or in a car. It’s just you and the open road, and you’re able to stop whenever you feel like it. It’s a slower form of travel that can be more fun and more cost-effective than traveling by plane. Of course, the key phrase there is ‘can be cheaper’; there are no guarantees. Below, we take a look at a few tips to ensure your journey doesn’t end up costing more than it has to.

Don't Let Your Road Trip Cost More Money Than Necessary

Learn How To Drive

Learn how to drive, we hear you ask? Well, obviously we don’t mean learning how to use your indicators and so on: we mean figuring out the right way to drive to ensure the best possible MPG (miles per gallon). If you’re on a motorbike, you’ll have terrific MPG anyway, but if you’re in a car, the costs can vary greatly. You’re going to be traveling a long way, after all. As a general rule, it’s good practice to avoid fast acceleration and harsh braking. Drive nice and easy, and the savings will add up over the course of your trip.

Alternative Accommodations

You’re going to be spending plenty of nights away from home, and that means paying for accommodation. And because you’ll be spending each night somewhere new, you won’t be able to get deals on longer-term steps. This is where it’ll pay to get a little creative. If you’re on a road trip, you’ll be spending the bulk of your time outside of cities: why not take camping supplies with you? Or, if you’re intent on spending a night under a solid roof, look at motels way out of town. As a general rule, the closer to the city you get, the higher costs get.

Stay Safe

Your trip could cost you much more than you anticipate if you’re not careful. You can factor in the costs of accommodation, gas, and so on, but what about if you’re in an accident? Those costs are open-ended. You might find that you have medical bills to pay or have to take unpaid leave from work. All added together, the road trip could be very costly indeed. So drive safe. Of course, you can’t do much about other people’s driving skills. If you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, work with a car or motorcycle accident lawyer to get the compensation you deserve. It might not heal your injuries but will make sure your finances don’t take a big hit.

The Art of Road Trip Cooking

Even if you don’t plan on camping during your trip, you’ll be well served by packing some camping cooking equipment. The costs of paying for three meals a day will quickly add up if you’re forever stopping at restaurants. Instead, learn a few meals you can cook on the side of the road. You’ll save big money, and will be eating just as well – if not better!

What are some of your favorite road trip tips? Share them in the comments below with us!

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