Don’t Panic! Here’s What To Do If You Lose a Tooth

When you accidentally lose a tooth as an adult, there is not likely to be any gifts under your pillow from the tooth fairy. You can have a tooth knocked out while playing sports, due to a car accident or fall, or even when your tooth is starting to decay. Regardless of how it has come out, losing a tooth can be a scary thing.

The overall health of your mouth can quickly become at risk when one of your adult teeth comes out. The socket that is left open can draw bacteria from your mouth and become infected, and your other nearby teeth can also be affected. The best idea is to see your dentist as soon as possible without waiting. Even if you have no immediate pain or discomfort, never leave an open socket in your mouth unchecked.

what to do if you lose a tooth

These days there are many dental offices that are open on weekends or on an emergency basis for cases such as this. There is even a network of dentists who take payments and will work out a reasonable financial plan for you. If you happen to lose a tooth or have one knocked out, don’t panic. Just take a look at these simple guidelines and head for your dentist’s office.

Find The Tooth

Depending on how and where your tooth came out, the search for the actual tooth can be difficult. Take your time and bring in some help to look around the area thoroughly to try to find it. When you find it, only handle it by the enamel crown and never touch the root as you can unintentionally damage the delicate tissues. If the root looks dirty, you can gently rinse it off with saline water, milk, or your own saliva.

Attempt Reinsertion

Before you try anything else, you should try to reinsert the tooth yourself back into the socket. This may be uncomfortable but it is the best way to keep the tooth and root healthy until a dentist can help you. If the tooth will fit back into the cavity then just place it securely and put a small ball of gauze in between your top and bottom teeth to keep it in place.

Protect & Transport

If you can’t get your tooth reinserted back into your mouth then your next option is to keep the tooth in either milk or saline solution and head out to your dentist. Regular water will not work to preserve the root. If you don’t have any milk or saline on hand, you can place the tooth in your mouth between your cheek and gums to keep it moist until you can reach your dentist.

Get To Your Dentist

It is very important not to wait. Even if it is a weekend and your dentist is not usually available, there are many offices that offer late and weekend hours for emergencies. Losing an adult tooth is considered an emergency, so you should treat it as such. Without proper care and consultation from a dentist, your mouth can become infected, causing further problems and discomfort. If you can’t find a dentist available then you can head to the closest Emergency Room department at the hospital and they can attempt to reset the tooth in the socket until you can get proper care.

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