Don’t Do Summer without Zims USA

If you have children, you know that summertime fun is fraught with scrapes, cuts, bruises and sore muscles from the camping trips, the bug bites, the pool scrapes, the bicycle rides, the hiking – you get the idea, right?  Zim’s USA has an entire line of products:

  • Skin Care
  • Body Care
  • Lip Care
  • Pain Relief
  • First Aid
  • Diabetic
  • Adult Care
  • Gift Sets

Max-Freeze Continuous Spray

Shortly after I received the products free of charge for purposes of this review, my eldest son had a horrible cramp in his hand between his thumb and forefinger due to his excessive gaming on the X-Box. I sprayed a bit of the Max-Freeze Continuous Spray on to his hand and allowed it to dry. He started bouncing around shortly after I sprayed it on his hand (it was really quite comical) because he said it felt like “his hand was freezing” and I informed him that meant that the spray was working!


Sure enough, within about 30 to 45 minutes, the pain was gone and he was outside playing (giving the gaming and his hand a break) and he was right as rain again.

Zim’s Advanced Gel

Then just about two hours later, my youngest son falls off his skateboard and hits the pavement, resulting in a terrible case of rash burn across his arm and the palm of his hand. I applied the Zim’s Advanced Gel to his minor cuts and scrapes and, his pain subsided within minutes as well.


Zim’s Hudrocortisone Continuous Spray

My issue is mosquito bites. Our Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix, Mollyanna, takes her last nightly walk around 11pm. Unfortunately, that’s when the bugs are in their element buzzing around our apartment lights in the hallways. For the ten minutes or so that I am outside with Molly during her last evening walk, I’m lunch for the thousands of little nats and mosquitos that are out buzzing around.

So when this happened the other night after I’d received my Zim’s products, after scratching for about 5 minutes and being miserable, I used the Zim’s Hydrocortisone Continuous Spray with Organic Arnica and Aloe. The itching stopped almost immediately and I was actually able to sleep through the night without feeling like I needed to scratch the skin off my body from the bug bites. Two thumbs up for the quick action!


I wish I had known about the Zim’s product line back when I was growing up on our farm in Pennsylvania. My brother and I practically lived outdoors working on the farm and in the fields, playing in our creek that runs down at the foot of our property, and constantly getting scrapes and bruises and cuts. Camping trips during the summer to our favorite local state park were fraught with bug bites and poison ivy rashes.

Other Products I Love

I definitely want to try the Zim’s Original Formula + Foot Spa Bundle. If you’re a fan of Life in a House of Testosterone, you know that I’m a barefoot gal and I rarely put shoes on unless I need to run to the store. Even in the winter, I run around the house barefoot and when it gets really cold I might be tempted to throw on a pair of warm and fuzzy socks but that’s about it. So I have horribly calloused heels. I loved the way that the Baby Foot Peel worked for me last October, and it is about time for me to do my poor footsies once again, so will definitely be giving this combination a try!

 Where to Find Zim’s Products

You can order the full range of Zim’s products on their website (and be sure to check out what they have on sale). You can also find them at your local stores where you shop every day – which is great for those times when you need to pick up something fast and cannot wait for an item to be shipped. Check with your local Kmart, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger, Food Lion, CVS and more to see if they carry the Zim’s product line. You can see all the stores available here.

Our Rating

Having had a chance to try many different products from Zim’s, Life in a House of Testosterone is proud to give them a 5 star rating for using organic, natural products, for their prompt customer service, and for providing a great product at reasonable, affordable prices. This budget-conscious family couldn’t ask for a better deal. Thanks Zim’s USA!

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  1. would love to try the mosquito spray they are just so bad anymore and if it works i will forever a customer

  2. I would love to try their products as well! The kids have been getting mosquito bites a lot lately and the continuous spray sounds like a godsend. Thanks for posting!

  3. I have never tried Zims products but I have heard a lot of very positive things about them from many of my friends. After reading your review I can see why so many people praise the product.

  4. hi, i learned that Zims products home base isn’t too far from my own home. and i would use the products for mosquito bites, as well.

  5. Thanks for the thorough review of Zim’s products! I found it very informative 🙂

  6. My son could also use the Max-Freeze Continuous Spray for his video game fatigued hands. What a great idea! Thanks for introducing me to the company. I like a lot of their products.

  7. all of their products sound great, but the Zim’s Original Formula + Foot Spa Bundle is channeling my inner diva at this moment

  8. @Granmama15:disqus and @disqus_evpdNmYfNj:disqus you are most welcome! I love mine! I gave the Max-Freeze to a friend of mine who went camping this past weekend to use. She had sprained her ankle and the top of her foot was still giving her pain and swelling. She had a blast hiking and swimming and biking this weekend! She put the Max-Freeze on and she was good to go. When something works – you stock up on those items and keep them around lol!

  9. i didn’t even know they had hydrocortisone gel! This is great. I like their crack creme. I would also like to try their Arnica Max Gel. Thank you for reviewing (Georgette)

  10. I found this info helpful. I never heard of this product before. One common piece of info I kept seeing that I liked was that the “pain subsided within minutes as well” & that they have relief for Diabetics too. I really like the fact that this is safe & natural for children to use. I see it is available at a couple of my favorite stores. I definitely WILL pick-up a couple of products!! THANKS!

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