Easy Family Favorite Meals for You to Try

If you’ve got a whole house to feed, it can be a little tough to feed them all at once. If you’re busy or just don’t feel up to it, cooking for that amount of people can be a hassle. Don’t worry though! Don’t reach for the take-out menus either. There are plenty of types of foods you can use to feed the family. Here are a few ideas.

Easy Family Favorite Meals For You To Try from Life in a House of Testosterone
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If you’ve got the materials, you can make a family sized portion of this within the space of fifteen minutes. It’s obviously going to be pretty nutritious too. That’ll be great if you’ve got growing kids. Just chop some garden vegetables and add some mixed leaves. For a little extra crunch, you might want to have some already prepared croutons. A bit of meat wouldn’t hurt too. If you’ve got some cold meats in the fridge, a few chopped slices will do, or crumbled bacon is always a favorite in our home. You can add plenty of toppings too. Vinaigrette, blue cheese, you name it.


Sure you can always crack open a can of soup in a pinch, but why not make it yourself? Making soup every night is going to cut into your time. Make a batch on the weekends and then you can eat it occasionally throughout the week. Soup is fairly easy as a recipe. It does take a little patience and a good sense of taste though. Seasoning is very important, you need to use your tongue as a tool when creating soup. Just be careful not to add too much salt. Make sure to buy a nice family sized baguette too. Soup goes great with fresh bread.


Making a roast requires a bit of up-front preparation. While it isn’t that quick to make, you can leave the meal alone to cook for around two hours before you have to serve. That means you can use those two hours to go have a little leisure time with the kids. There are hundreds of roasting recipes for meat and vegetables alike. You won’t be stuck for variation if you go and look some up. It’s the perfect family meal.


Yes, curry! If you want to try your hand a little something exotic, why not try making your own chicken curry? Brown off the meat and onions in a frying pan, then stick it into a slow cooker with the sauce. You can either add sauce in a jar, or you can try making your own. Either way, it should be a really entertaining experiment. Be sure to make enough to feed everybody though. That goes the same with the rice. You may want to look at rice cookers to try making the amount you need in volume.


Quick, easy, but delicious. If you’ve got the right parts for a nice fresh sandwich you’ve probably got the best quick meal of all. Fresh, soft bread. Crisp and spicy rocket leaves. Tender, cooked chicken. Maybe a spread or a little sauce to finish it off. It takes maybe two minutes to make a good sandwich, and probably even less to eat it. The insides depend on your tastes, though try not to make anything too messy. The last thing you want is it all going down your shirt!

What are some of your easy family favorite meals? Share them with us in the comments!

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