Elegance and Affordability Thanks to My Gift Stop

The holiday season is upon us – whether you wish to acknowledge it or not folks. November 1st is always my unofficial kick-off to the holiday season, and My Gift Stop is a great place to start to gather some luxury and designer brands at incredible prices.

It doesn’t matter who you are shopping for either – there are gifts for men, women, kids, home and kitchen, electronics, jewelry, shoes, even items for the great outdoors. They also indulge a secret passion of mine – fountain pens.

Monteverde Fountain Pen – Invincia Rose Gold
Elsewhere $110.00 | My Gift Stop $69.20
Save $40.80

I can just imagine addressing all of our annual Christmas letters to friends and family this year with this beautiful pen! The art of writing is quickly becoming a thing of the past, but it is a small joy that I find great pleasure in!

Giving Back

I have always tried to impress upon my family the importance of giving back – and I frequent brick and mortar and online shops that do the same. My Gift Stop is no different. They donate 5% of every sale to the global medical relief non-profit, Direct Relief.

Christmas Shopping in Your Pajamas

I love a good Black Friday doorbuster sale as much as the next person – but there is a lot to be said for being able to shop when you want, in your pajamas, without having to put on a nice outfit and do your hair and makeup to head out into the real world. Some days you just wanna veg out at home and shop online. 

I did my Christmas shopping for my father, husband, and youngest son this evening – and even found a gift for my granddaughter, Amelia. 

Watch Collector Paradise

My father, husband and youngest son are all watch collectors. I don’t know how that happened that I got three in one family – but happen it did. You might think that it makes Christmas and birthday shopping for them easy … wrong! My father has an extensive collection, so choosing for him is a bit more difficult than my husband and son – but they also have very particular tastes and know what they like and do not like.

Thankfully, My Gift Stop is one website where I can buy each of them an elegant (yet affordable) watch that they will truly love.

This beauty is slated for dad this year. I know he doesn’t have anything like it, and the craftsmanship and beautiful mother of pearl face will surely make it a favorite for going out to dinner with his girlfriend or attending special events. Definitely a romantic watch if I do say so myself!

Invicta Men’s Chronograph Watch – Specialty Swiss Quartz White Mother-of-Pearl & Gold Tone
Elsewhere $1,795.00 | My Gift Stop $195.67
Save $1,599.33

This is the watch I’ve chosen to gift to my husband. It will definitely be one that my son will not take from him (even if I have to hide it lol) because while gold and elegant, it isn’t that flashy dress watch that my son would go for.

Kenneth Cole Men’s Classic Gold-Tone Bracelet Watch
Elsewhere $195.00 | My Gift Stop $70.98
Save $124.02

For my son, the boy who wants to be a millionaire by the time he’s 20, nothing but gold and diamonds baby! If you dress for success, and you work hard for what you want, you can achieve your goals. This beautiful watch from Caravelle definitely fits the bill and will remind him to be on his game every time he wears it.

Caravelle Men’s Diamond Watch with Yellow Gold Steel Bracelet
Elsewhere $150.00 | My Gift Stop $93.75
Save $56.25

There are so many beautiful gifts to choose from at My Gift Stop but what I really love is the exclusivity. They don’t sell a bunch of second-rate items. Their selection of gifts is small yet exclusive, and name-brand, so you know you’re getting quality when you shop.

Delivery is usually within 3-5 days of you placing your order, and, if you need it sooner, then they also have options available to get it to you sooner – you know, for those times when you forget to set a reminder for someone’s birthday on your calendar!

Special Gifts from the Heart

A secret love of mine is the Swarovski figurines. Ever since I was a young girl, every time my Nana would take me to the mall, we always stopped in at the Things Remembered store that had an extensive collection of these beautiful figurines. My favorite has always been Cinderella’s castle and carriage, and all the delicate little animals. I have always wanted my own collection, but alas, the years have gone by and it just has not happened.

Until now.

You see, I have a granddaughter arriving in April 2020 – my first – and her name is Amelia. In addition to the yearly Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments she will be receiving for the Christmas tree, she will also be receiving a Swarovski figurine for her birthday and for Christmas. When she is older, and I am gone, she will have these special trinkets to remember her Nana by.

Swarovski Figurine – Clear Crystal Golden Heart Angel
Elsewhere $90.00 | My Gift Stop $27.25
Save $62.75

You see, Amelia was not a given. She is truly an angel sent from heaven because her mother only had a 2% chance of ever having children. So this little angel I found on My Gift Stop will be waiting to welcome her into our family when she finally arrives and will watch over her day and night when Nana cannot be there with her.

Now that I’ve gotten all sappy grandma on you – let’s get back to some serious gift-giving this year. If you are looking for an elegant, yet affordable, gift for someone you love – visit My Gift Stop. They have watches, cologne, beautiful writing instruments, jewelry, bags, wallets, shoes, and so much more! 

It doesn’t matter who you are shopping for either – there are gifts for men, women, kids, home and kitchen, electronics, jewelry, shoes, even items for the great outdoors. They also indulge a secret passion of mine – fountain pens.

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  1. This is an awesome place to get your gifts for the holidays! I love that they have so many nice things, and it makes it so much easier.

  2. This sounds like a great site to shop. I have never heard of it before but the prices sound good. I like what they support. Thank you so much for sharing this

  3. They have so many nice gifts. I love the Clear Crystal Golden Heart Angel! Congrats on becoming a grandmother! Our grandson will be 3 next week and let me tell ya.. there is nothing like it!

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