Ergonomic Gaming, Texting and Talking: RSI Prevention Tips for Teens and Young Adults

Young people often believe themselves to be invincible, that injuries and health problems are a concern for the future when they get older. In today’s constantly-connected world, however, there are many dangers that young people face, especially pain and injury from repetitive movements during gaming and texting.

Ergonomic Gaming, Texting and Talking: RSI Prevention Tips for Teens and Young Adults

Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) are injuries that occur from doing the same, small repetitive movement on a daily basis. The most commonly known RSI is carpal tunnel syndrome. There are other RSIs as well, but each one has one thing in common: they are preventable with a few precautions. So if you have a young adult who is constantly texting or gaming, you should share these tips on preventing injuries.

Good Posture is Key

Nothing can put more stress on a body — especially a body that hasn’t fully developed yet — as bad posture: it can lead to hip and back pain as well as contribute to RSIs that may otherwise be avoided with good posture.

Good posture means that your back is straight, your neck is straight and your feet are firmly planted on the floor. This will help prevent slouching, which can cause tension in many areas of the body and make you feel tired very quickly.

If your child has bad posture, it may take them a while to get used to sitting up straight. Let them know that it’s worth it, though, and they will feel better in the long run.

Use Ergonomic Equipment

Another easy thing you can do to help prevent RSIs is to buy computer or gaming equipment that is ergonomic. This means that the controllers, keyboards and even furniture is suited for use for long periods of time.

There is a difference between a regular office chair and a chair designed for people who sit in front of a computer all day. The designers take the task into account and provide areas of support that a regular chair just might not do. Even a budget gaming mouse that is made to be used for hours on end is better than a more expensive one you might buy that is designed for, say, data input.

Buying the right equipment will help prevent repetitive injuries.


You should also encourage your children to take frequent breaks and stretch their arms, legs, back and hands several times a day. This will help ease any stress and make the muscles less prone to injury.

They should take at least a five minute break every hour. They can use this time to stretch. Something as simple as interlocking their fingers and raising their hands above their head will stretch muscles in the back, arms and fingers that can prevent carpal tunnel and other RSIs. Leg and back stretches can also help prevent injury and promote healthy muscles. They more they stretch each day, the less likely the will be to succumb to injury.

Share these tips with your children and help them prevent repetitive injuries.

Isabelle Clarke is online practically all of the time. If she’s not working, she’s gaming and she knows that too much screen time is having an input on her health. Trying to cut down and look after herself, Isabelle shares some tips amongst her other tech related articles.

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  1. I will encourage my kids to have better posture and to take a break once an hour. Thanks for these great tips!

  2. I was a data entry operator for 7-10 years and my body reacted to the repetition. I have had surgery for carpral tunnel and severe bursitis in my shoulder. There are so many things that one can do to eliminate the need for sugery. Thank for this article. My grandchildren spend hours on playing games, etc. I have encouraged them to use proper posture and just walk away and chill!

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