Essential Summer Upgrades For Your Home

As it gets nearer to summer, now is the time to think about a few upgrades to get your home ready for the season. Hopefully, the weather will be warming up where you are now, so you need no further excuse than to roll your sleeves up (or bring in the professionals) and focus on a few upgrades that are going to enhance your home this summer and beyond.

Install Decking - Essential Summer Upgrades

Install Decking

When it comes to improving your home’s exterior, decking is something you need to focus on. It has so many uses over the summer season that you will never regret the purchase. For example, it makes a wonderful extra seating area for you and your guests, letting you sit back under the sun, enjoy a cocktail, and have a gossip about what the neighbours are doing.

Alternatively, your decking can make a great playing area for the kids. Especially if you have young children, you may not want them wandering around the garden, hurting themselves on prickly branches and treading all over your freshly-planted flowers, so the decking is a safe place for them to play with their toys. Your decking is also a wonderful extension to your garden; a place for your pot plants and other garden ornaments, a mini-haven away that you can still enjoy while relaxing under the sun.

Prepare a guest room

If you have a spare room in your house, you could put it to good use for any of your visiting friends or family. Furnish it with modern decor, (check out the the fabulous beds and sofas at Deconovo), and consider an expansion as well, such as fitting in an en-suite bathroom if you have the time for a bit of renovation. Not only does a well-fitted guest room provide a comfortable area for your visitors, but it also affords them some privacy while you enjoy some peace and quiet away from their demands in the rest of the house.

Get a Summer House - Essential Summer Upgrades

Get a summer house

A summer house has so many purposes, that you will wonder how you ever survived without one! It’s perfect for a little bit of shade away from the sun, meaning you can still enjoy the garden without having to go back inside your regular house. A summer house can also be converted into a guest house; perfect if you didn’t have the room inside your home. It can also be an impromptu play area for the children, a hobby room (such as an art studio), a place to store your garden tools, a home office if you still need to crack on with work over the summer season, and so much more. You are limited only by your imagination.

Create some privacy

You don’t want your nosey neighbours peeking in at you when you’re trying to enjoy your garden, so find ways to get the privacy you need. This isn’t too difficult, as you could plant a few privet hedges (or buy some artificial ones), and place them around an area where you will be hoping for some seclusion. On the other hand, you could also install fences around your perimeter. You don’t have to forego on beauty either, as you can still buy contemporary fences that don’t stint on style, or you could even get your paint brush out and cover them in bright and attractive colours to match the rest of your home and garden design.

Provide light and shade at home

During the summer days (and nights) you will probably love and hate the sun in equal measure. There will be times when you want your home interior flooded with the sun’s rays, and times when you will want to keep out the bright reflection (when you are trying to watch the tv). Focus on both then. For added light, we think a skylight is near-essential. Light will flood in during the day, and you will still feel the warmth the sun provides when it finally sets for the evening. Replacing your curtains with something lighter will also benefit your home, both aesthetically and practically. When you want to block the light from coming in (we are assuming you aren’t a vampire), blinds or blackout curtains are a must, both shielding you from the light and restricting some of the heat if it does get overwhelming.


Essential summer upgrades we think you will agree, offering both practicality and a new aesthetic to your home. Let us know what you think, and if we have missed anything that you  consider essential, be sure to let us know.

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