Ever Have One of Those Days…

…where you wished that the alcohol flowed without ever ending and that all of the day’s problems would just disappear and miraculously just ‘fix’ themselves and go back to being normal like they SHOULD be? Um, yeah. Today’s been one of those days here at LiaH.

Oh – and just as an afterthought (from doing a Google search for ‘drunk moms’) have you ever SEEN all the drunk moms that show up when you Google that?!?

I’ve been working the past several days at our property complex’s rental office, filling in for the staff who contracted the flu. I used to work at the rental office about three years ago, for a different property management company, but when the property manager I worked with left (and most of the other staff as well) and the new property manager took over, my time there was over. I missed it, at first, but eventually moved on. I have to admit, it was rather nice being back there the past few days and being able to talk to different people and help them with their housing needs; although I cannot say for certain that it is something I would want to continue to do on a full-time basis. Filling in as a temp on an as-needed basis, that I can handle. Besides, I have some other ideas in line that would still keep me connected to the rental community and earn me some income in the process – hopefully. I need to do some additional research on that matter when I can find the time!

Being that I have been out of the house though – means I haven’t been able to (a) put up any Christmas decorations because (b) hubby broke my vacuum cleaner and (c) I have to rearrange the furniture and give the living room a good cleaning before I can put the tree up … and I can’t do that without the vacuum cleaner. So I’ve been sitting here thinking – there are only 13 more days till Christmas. Do I even want to bother with a tree? I wish I actually COULD get away with NOT putting up a tree – that would mean no headaches from trying to rearrange furniture that just isn’t going to rearrange like it should to accommodate a tree – and it would also mean that I don’t have to deal with having only one strand of lights and cheesy tinsel. We need new decorations desperately – which I will have to get The Man Thing to spring for, and which he is NOT going to be happy about when I tell him the kind that I want. (Can you say Martha Stewart?)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There is laundry to be done, dishes haven’t been done in two days, the dishwasher needs to do its thing, and the bathrooms – ugh – don’t get me started on bathrooms. My entire home needs a good purging – it is shrinking (space wise) so rapidly it isn’t even funny. I’m beginning to feel claustrophobic in here, and when that happens, its time to start purging in a serious way … but to do that I need the house to myself. You know what I mean if you’ve ever tried to purge your kids’ rooms when they are home (but mom!!! I still play with that once a year!!!) or if you try to purge the man cave (I might need that in five years!) – its absolutely futile to attempt a house purging when everyone else is home. What they don’t see, they won’t miss.

Then there is the bank and the debit cards and the credit cards that were all linked to each other and a snafu with the hotel computer (where we stayed this past weekend…post to come, eventually!) has caused my bank account to become overdrawn thanks to two insufficient funds charges for charges that should never have been charged in the first place. Naturally, nobody wants to take responsibility for being the problem and refunding the money, so I’m just out the $52.00 that they charged.

Oh, and I cannot forget about the youngest testosterone carrier who was told, by the head testosterone carrier two days ago, that he was NOT, under any circumstances, to return to the wooded area on the property because a snake was seen in the wooded area and ALL RESIDENTS were told to refrain from going near the area. So today when he gets home from school, he pops on over to the rental office where I tell him to go on home and get started on his homework, and I’ll be home in ten minutes. So when I did finally make it home – the Man Thing needed me to call this person and handle this and fetch that, so by the time I had a chance to breathe and realize that my dear son was nowhere to be found within the confines of the house, it was 5pm and dark outside, and his little tail was in DEEP trouble. After calling several of his friends and ascertaining that he was not at their homes, I sent his brother in search of him. He gladly obliged (anytime the youngest is about to get in trouble for something – he’s all happy and willing to help!) and went in search and returned home grinning with the little testosterone carrier in tow. Needless to say, after he told me that he was IN THE WOODS and working on BUILDING A FORT (after he was told not to), he’s been grounded for the next several days. He is not a happy camper.

I bet he wishes he was old enough to have a gallon of wine, too, right about now.

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