Everything You Need to Know About Pool Service

It’s a beautiful and sunny day outside. Your pool has just been built and you’re filling it with water. All of your friends and family have already bought their swimming suits, goggles, and noodles. The only thing that’s left is for you to fill it up, and the fun can begin. As you’re doing it, you’re thinking of all the years to come and all of the weekends and parties.

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However, for that to be a reality, you need to know a bit of maintenance too. A pool is not only a thing you fill up once, and you’re done. If it were that easy, everyone would just dig a hole in their backyard, and we would all have them. Just like your car needs a few tweaks and changes, so does a pool. Click here to read more.

The Parts

Knowing all of the parts and the basics will keep everything in check. You will see where a problem can arise and how to handle it. And like anything that you have in your home, you can take it to the next level. You can add heating, lights, speakers on the inside, and many other things. However, some things are universal for all pools.

The Water

Well, this one is an absolute no brainer. And it’s also the most important one. The water needs to be clean and balanced. Everything depends on it. If you take care of it correctly, then you won’t have any issues with hardware repairs due to corrosion or a build-up of minerals. It’s the most vital component, and you must keep it clean.

The Filter System

Since you can’t be around the water all of the time, you need something to do it for you. That’s where a filter comes in. It will clear all of the dirt and all of the contaminants from the water. You should be careful with it because filters are most prone to damage. They get dirty, very fast, and you need to clean it almost every other day.

How To Properly Maintain It

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When you’re out in the woods, drinkable water is the one flowing in fast streams. No one drinks from a lake or the sea. That gives you an idea about the pool too. Water that doesn’t move is dirty, or it will get messy in a short while. However, running water is clean.

If the circulation is right, you will never have problems with algae or cloudy water. In order to maximize the effect, you need to keep the pumps working all of the time. Ideally, it would be for 24 hours, every day of the week. But, not all of us have the finances or the equipment to do so. Another solution can be to call a Pool Service and let them take care of it.

The next best thing is to keep the pumps rolling for ten to twelve hours every day. That will circulate the water around enough to keep it clean. Another thing you should pay attention to is backwashing your filters. That means to switch the flow of water from time to time. All of the dirt that has accumulated on one side will get washed and get carried out of the pool.

Cleaning It

If you’ve taken care of the circulation, then cleaning it will be a breeze. You’ll have to do it often, but it won’t be as much work. There’s no way to prepare for what nature has in store. A lot of leaves, dust, and insects will fall into the pool. As well as that, everyone that bathes in it sweats, has deodorant on, shampoo chemicals, sun cream, and other products.

This can all interfere with the balance of the water, and you need to vacuum, skim, and brush weekly. And that’s a minimum. If you use it more often, you need to clean it more often. You can also get an automatic cleaner, which will decrease the amount of time you spend on it. View this link for more info: https://www.thespruce.com/pool-maintenance-tips-2682532

An excellent idea is to add a few tennis balls into the water too. They will absorb a lot of the oils that are left from sun cream or cosmetics. Make sure to replace them as soon as they show any sign of damage or wearing.

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