External Waterproofing – Common Installation and Operation Issues and Where to Order

Any building construction involves external foundation and wall waterproofing execution. In particular, this applies to basements and plinths. Regardless of climatic conditions, it is important to plan waterproofing work in advance in order to protect walls from the precipitation, bacteria, and fungi damaging effects. Complex waterproofing includes work on finishing internal and external surfaces, but today we will focus on external waterproofing in more detail.

External Waterproofing Designation

According to the technology, waterproofing can not only protect the building from dampness and mold but at the same time – extend its operational life. Among the main reasons why this measure is mandatory during the construction phase or immediately after its completion for all basement types are the following:

  • Extending the building’s operational life, maintaining its representative appearance.
  • Improving the safety of building operations.
  • Compliance with approved international standards, according to which the building can be put into operation legally.
  • Safe conditions guarantee for people, living or performing their official duties within the building’s walls (effective protection against mold and fungi).

Failures In Waterproofing Installation and Operation

Only competent and proven contractors should be hired in order to avoid a number of installation errors when performing waterproofing work. Are you searching for a waterproofing company near me? Familiarize yourself with service companies near you, read reviews about their work, and give preference to the most worthy ones. These specialists will be able not only to competently approach the issue of waterproofing but also tell the owners of the premises (that would be you!) about the rules for the subsequent use of the facility in order to extend the operational life of waterproofing materials and the safety of the building itself. So, among the most common waterproofing installation mistakes are the following:

  • Neglecting the need to perform the base’s preliminary preparation before installing waterproofing materials (for strong fixation of the waterproofing and performance of its main functions, it is significant to prepare the surface on which this material will be attached).
  • Non-compliance with the waterproofing installation technology  (to ensure the reliability and durability of the foundation, it is important to follow the approved technology for installing waterproofing layers during its construction).
  • Savings on waterproofing materials (it is important to give preference to high-quality and well-established brands, not focusing only on the materials’ price).

What are the failures in the waterproofing operation? If we are talking about cement-based materials, this is the lack of moisture surface care, as a result of which the hardening mortar can dry out ahead of time and cause shrinkage cracks. If you do not regularly water it, cover it with plastic wrap and other wet materials in the first couple of days after installation or the finished coating will not guarantee the building’s durability and endurance.

Do You Need to Order External Waterproofing Services?

If you are searching for the perfect company for waterproofing outside foundation services seek advice from the POM GROUP Waterproofing specialists. The use of the best insulating materials, strict adherence to the waterproofing installation technique, informing customers about each stage of work, and advising on any issues are guaranteed.


Experts remind us about the importance of waterproofing measures, taking into account the impact of natural phenomena and mechanical loads on any outdoor structures. Professional basement waterproofing is the key to a building’s long service life, guaranteeing its absolute comfort and safety.

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