F-Secure Freedome Anywhere Program Gives You Security Because #PrivacyIsNoGame

I am a brand ambassador for F-Secure Freedome. I have used Freedome for the past month on both my desktop and my iPhone and I’d like to share my results with you and urge you to take advantage of this amazing security program.

F-Secure Freedome on my desktop has blocked over 48,000 tracking attempts and blocked 143 harmful sites for me

I’m on my desktop constantly and bouncing around between multiple windows, websites, social media programs and email. I have virus and malware protection on my computer and I do scans religiously every week. What about your privacy though? What about your security? What about hackers? Virus and malware programs can only protect you from so much. That’s where Freedome Anywhere comes in.

What is F-Secure Freedome

Our tablets and smartphones give us the power to pretty much do anything we want – when we want – wherever we may be. Working, banking, shopping, we can do it all – but are we safe? F-Secure Freedome is more than a VPN solution. It keeps you secure and private no matter how you connect to the web. It also lets you choose virtual locations that give you access to geo-restricted content anywhere in the world. All you have to do is press the button to turn the service on and forget it.

Watch this video to learn more about F-Secure Freedome.

Freedome is now available for all Android, iOS and Kindle Fire devices. Your privacy and security just got better.

F-Secure Freedome on Your Smartphone and Tablet

I love having the freedom to do basically anything I need to from my smart phone. Pay bills, shop, deposit checks to my banking account – but how do I know that information is safe and secure? You can download the Freedome app to your android or iOS device.

We all love using free public WiFi. But did you know that these pirate hotspots are insecure and may carry deliberately ridiculous terms? We set up an open hotspot on the streets of London.

Watch what happened as people connected and unwittingly leaked their data and why some users were even willing to give up their eldest child for the duration of eternity. Plus: we show you how to avoid leaking your own info.

So what’s really the issue here? What’s going to happen to your data, anyway? The problem is there are plenty of criminals who love to get their hands on WiFi traffic to collect usernames, passwords, etc. It’s easy and cheap enough for them to set up their own hotspot somewhere, give it a credible-looking name, and just let the data flow in. And even if a hotspot is provided by a legitimate business or organization, criminals can still use “sniffing” tools to spy on others’ Internet traffic.

F-Secure Freedome on my iPhone 6 Plus has blocked over 1,000 tracking attempts and blocked 2 harmful sites for me

Let’s face it, you cannot expect free WiFi to offer you any real privacy. We’ve all seen the stories on our national and local news stations – where the reporters have set up a WiFi hotspot and have been able to record what others around them on their hotspot have done on their devices, information that they “think” is private. We’ve also seen how companies have been breached and customer data has been stolen from their systems. Just because it says it is secure and it looks reputable, don’t take your privacy and security for granted.

When you connect with Freedome, you have the power to enjoy your favorite services from any place – even abroad – like Netflix and HBO GO, and checking your email and doing a bit of banking while sipping your favorite Starbucks drink you’ll have complete security and privacy.

You can get a 3 month free trial when you go to the F-Secure Freedome website and enter code qhh42f.

You can visit F-Secure on their website, follow them on Twitter at @FSecure, Facebook, Google+ and see more amazing videos on YouTube. #PrivacyIsNoGame, and F-Secure keeps your data secure with Freedome Anywhere.

Enter the giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive an iPad Mini 16 GB Wi-Fi and a free year of Freedome Anywhere to protect up to three of your devices!

Freedome Anywhere Challenge
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