Family Friendly Furnishings to Make Your House a Home

Your home is always there to provide a friendly, warming ‘hello’ when you step through the door. Your pre-children style however, may not be as family friendly as it could be after a hectic day at work or a day out with your little ones. As your family starts to grow you soon notice the small flaws in your house, which need to be revamped and rectified so your children are safer and happier.

From inspiring decorating ideas to clever tricks inside the house, you can makeover and modify your house to turn it into a home. Watch your children thrive in their new, exciting environment and relish in the memories you will soon be making together.

Family Friendly Furnishings - Lively Lounging

Lively Lounging

Your lounge sees a mixed bubble of chatter, laughter, relaxation and temper tantrums all in the space of one day. You listen to the pitter patter of excitable footsteps race around the living room, during peak energetic times in the morning. In the evening you enjoy slouchy, snug cuddles on the sofa whilst watching your favourite family film. You might want to think about upgrading your lounge furniture to create a cosier environment for everyone. Perhaps you should invest in a traditional leather chesterfield sofa, which strikes the perfect balance between chic and practical. Sturdy and low coffee tables are also ideal family friendly furniture pieces as you will avoid the inevitable drinks spillages from the tall bar-style, rickety tables.

Family Friendly Furnishings - Kitchen Craft Station

Cute In The Kitchen

You spend hours in the kitchen each day, mopping up spillages, roasted succulent vegetables and blending nutritious smoothies. Many people often see the kitchen as an adult-only area within the household, but it is important to let your children enjoy the wonders the kitchen has to offer. Set up a cute craft station at the kitchen table where your kids can color and create until their hearts are content; they can also watch you busy at work which can be a fascinating activity in itself.

Family Friendly Furnishings - Fun Bath for Kids

Bath Time Made Bright

You know the familiar sinking feeling when the evening bath time rolls around; it can often be a battle to get the children into the tub, especially after a tiresome day. Make bath time bright and appealing with bubbles, bath toys and sing-a-longs. Start creating an evening routine which gets your little one feeling both calm and enthusiastic. Bed time will soon be a breeze if your incorporate all of the things they love into one fun-packed hour. They will be dozing blissfully off to sleep in the blink of an eye after an excitable evening and laughter, fun and memories in the blissful bathtub.

From new sturdy sofas, to bubbly bathrooms your modest and minute house will soon be transformed into a sublime safe haven for every member of your family. Let your home ooze vibrancy and freshness, whilst creating a secure sanctuary for your precious little ones. The exterior structure of your house will remain the same for years to come, but the inside can be swiftly switched up in order to meet your needs and preferences at each given moment.

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